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Class Notes Winter 2015

Ed Fossen '56 and his spouse, Diane, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a vacation to Hawaii.  Ed is retired as an office equipment salesman and Diane as a School District 2 orchestra teacher.  They have one daughter.


Kathryn Hiner '70 was named Stockgrower of the Year at the Wheatland County Stockgrowers business meeting and banquet.  She runs a herd of cattle west of Harlowton and has retired from the FSA office.


Lorraine Marsh '75 and her husband, Stephen '69, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by attending a performance of the Billings Symphony and sailing on a Caribbean cruise.  They are both retired Billings teachers.


Lisa Perry '86, '14 has been named community relations manager in the Billings division of NorthWestern Energy.  She worked at community affairs manager for PPL Montana for 10 years and for 25 years in the aviation industry as sales manager for Northwest Airlines.  Lisa recently completed a master's degree in public relations at MSU Billings.


Scott Newell '93 is the new police chief in West Yellowstone, Montana.  He is looking forward to building the police force and working with the community.  Scott is from Billings, but spent time in West Yellowstone as a park ranger.


Kevin Fichtner '98 was recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  He is a software development manager for Computers Unlimited.  


Kevin Adkins '99 was recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  He is the senior vice president at American Welding and Gas Inc.


Danielle Hughes '00 was recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  She is a computer programmer for Phillips66 Refinery.


Kira Fercho '01 was honored as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  Kira is a nationally recognized artist and a licensed therapist.


Robyn Staley '03 has joined Woods Accounting in Billings where she will be director of first impressions.  She was previously a patient access specialist at Billings Clinic.


Ross McLinden '04 was recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  He is an attorney with Avitus Group.


Matt Robertson '04 was recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  He is a broker for NAI Business Properties.  


Brandie Stordahl '04 has joined Century 21 Hometown Brokers in Billings as a realtor.  She has 20 years’ experience in the healthcare field.


Rachel Christoferson '05 is a CPA and president of her own company.  She was recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.  Rachel provides accounting services for individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.


Kelly Melius '05 is an autism specialist with Easter Seals Goodwill.  She was recently recognized as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2015.


Jessica Turnquist '08 has been promoted to chief accounting officer and director of human resources at AlphaGraphics in Billings.  Jessica has been with the company since 2006.  


Felicia Frank '11 has joined Webgrain and Billings 365 team as its content coordinator.  She spent five years in the television news industry and was the evening news producer at KULR-8.  She is also experienced in website creation and digital content management. and worked in the marketing department at MetraPark


Tra Williams '11 has been appointed executive director of Valley Health Care Center in Billings.  Most recently he served as director of nursing operations at Advance Care Hospital of Montana and prior to that he was director of regional operations at Billings Clinic.  Williams started his career and education in the military and has a MS in nursing administration from Norwich University and a MS in education from MSU Billings.


Krista Keehn '05 to Eman Henke,12/30/2014 
Laurie Kuntz '97 to Thomas Lewis, 1/3/2015 
Jessica Zimmermann '12 to James Bulluck, 1/16/2015 
Sarah Amsden '12 to Matthew Harrington, 1/17/2015 
Theresa Campbell '05 to Kevin Cremer  '06, 1/23/2015 
Blaine Dantic '03 to Arnaldo Flores,1/23/2015 
Kaitlin Reuss '12 to Jerod Staebler, 2/2/2015 
Melissa Binkoski '13 to Thomas Chameraud  '13, 2/3/2015 
Jenna McCartney '09 to Christopher Martin, 2/3/2015 
Stacey Albright '97 to  Joseph Teague, 2/7/2015 
Rebecca Swan '84 to Shelley Thomson '01, 2/14/2015 
Jamie Porter '04 to Melsie Sawatzky '08, 3/11/2015


Ilene Morrow Gummer '71, 12/24/2014
Kirk Stewart '80, 12/27/2014
George Clawson '94, 12/29/2014
Donna Knowshisgun Chavez '75, 12/31/2014
Ronald Ewing '60, 1/1/2015
Harriett Kimball Hilario '74, 1/2/2015
Robert Gottula '06, 1/5/2015
Hannelore Riedle Carter '72, 1/7/2015
Katherine Hart '52, 1/7/2015
George Maas '76, 1/7/2015
Norma Gruel Vaughn '76, 1/9/2015
Dorothy Wennemar Strobel '50, 1/15/2015
Nikki Kukowski '05, 1/17/2015
Lucinda Tate '68, 1/17/2015
Margaret Gilligan Beckers '67, 1/18/2015
Benjamin Erickson '12, 1/18/2015
Arline Downs Voss '42, 1/21/2015
Dallas Hugs '80, 1/25/2015
Viola Malicote Irion '37, 1/29/2015
Linda Bolin Alberta '72, 2/3/2015
Marjorie Nagengast '00, 2/7/2015
Elizabeth McWilliams Leslie '30, 2/9/2015
John Currie '78, 2/10/2015
William Highbarger '76, 2/14/2015
Helen Hammerstrom Cosner '78, 2/17/2015
Nayan Ginsburg Kleiter '55, 2/21/2015
Lola Westervelt Perrins '41, 2/21/2015
Becky Schagunn Geer '89, 2/24/2015
Peter Bakken '51, 2/25/2015
Lorraine Motschenbacher Hansen '77, 3/4/2015
Pamela Kallen Kraft '82, 3/6/2015
Helen Fraser Clark '41, 3/9/2015
Tom B. Powell '62, 3/9/2015
Patricia Cammock Betts '59, 3/10/2015
Mary Youngbauer Wagner '72, 3/12/2015
John Caten '13, 3/14/2015
Robert Lowe '77, 3/19/2015
Loretta VanSky Schmidt '73, 3/19/2015
Joseph Tochihara '10, 3/19/2015
Ella Hepperle Wood '95, 3/19/2015



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