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Class Notes Winter 2014

Robert '53 and Pat Southern 53' recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a luncheon at Billings Kiwanis and dinner at Aspen View.  Both are retired teachers and have three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Darcy Conway '76, a teacher at Billings West High School, was a recipient of the 2014 Golden Apple Award by the Billings School District.


William Bartlett '80 and his spouse, Kay, recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary with a lunch for family and friends.  William is retired from Corporate Air and Kay retired from Job Service in Billings.  They have four children and nine grandchildren.


Susan Vermette '82, special education teacher at Independent School, was a recipient of the Golden Apple Award for 2014 by the Billings School District.


Tina Boone '96 a counselor at Skyview High School was awarded the Golden Apple Award for 2014 by the Billings School District.


Kevin Rookhuizen '00 was named as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2014.  He is vice president of marketing at Billings Federal Credit Union.


Ken Boeschen '01 has joined Stockman Bank in Billings as a real estate loan officer.  He has more than 20 years of banking experience including real estate lending, personal banking, customer relations and business development.  


Andy Kautz '05 was selected as one of Billings 40 Under Forty for 2014.  He is the owner of A&E Curbing and Landscaping and Sylvan Nursery.


Erin Lambert '06 is a recipient of the Billings 40 Under Forty award for 2014.  She is the Gateway program manager at the Billings YWCA.


Kaleb Marzolf '10 has been promoted to eBiz/cash management market specialist for Stockman Bank in Billings.  He has been with the bank since 2012.


Lona Myers '10 has joined Xpedx in Billings as a sales professional responsible for account development and new account growth.  She will be specializing in packaging and facility supply products.


Megan Kongaika '11 was one of the recipients of Billings 40 under Forty award for 2014.  She is a public relations representative for the Billings Clinic.


Christopher Jackson '12 has been awarded the Wayne State University School of Medicine Rehabilitation Research Experience for Medical Students Program Award from the Association of Academic Physiatrists.  His interest in athletic rehabilitation comes from personal experience. ""Throughout my life I have been both a patient suffering musculoskeletal injuries and neurological concussions, and a health care provider for these same conditions," he said. "I chose to move on from athletic training and into medical school in order to increase my abilities to treat patients whose aliments were beyond my ability to treat."  His long-term goals incorporate a passion for teaching. "I plan on being involved in academic medicine for many, many years to come. I hope to integrate research and teaching into my future career in order to learn from others and improve the care that I can provide."


Breeann Silbernagel Adam '13, a first year teacher at Bonner School near Missoula, was a finalist for a $10,000 national prize she would use to bolster her special education reading program.  The contest is called the Great American School Spectacular and required a 200 word essay about what would make her classroom even better.



Crissa Boehme '01 to Kody Silbernagel 1/10/2014
Sarey Robey '12 to Michael Schmidt 1/11/2014
Amy Weidlich '08 to James Barron 1/17/2014
Pamela Huckins '96 to John Rudolph 2/2/2014
Georgia Wagenman '89 to Eugene Clark 2/14/2014
Constance Schuppe '90 to Michael Wilson 2/20/2014
Jaime Huebner '07 to Anthony Nicastro 3/2014
Jill Trabing '10 to Tyler Murray 3/22/2014
Lana Scott '14 to Brady Nelson 3/22/2014
Jann Whiting '95 to Jon Plowman 3/24/2014


Vernard Anderson '68, 1/1/2014
Olive Wisner Heltborg '63, 1/7/2014
Lois Maher Dempster '43, 1/10/2014
Larry McGiboney '85, 1/12/2014
Beverly Jones McAuliffe '80, 1/14/2014
Roger Tuhy '89, 1/14/2014
Olga Langhus '42, 1/17/2014
Donald Murphy '76, 1/18/2014
John McDonald '56, 1/19/2014
Joanne McMillen Nansel '53, 1/20/2014
Robert Ross '74, 1/21/2014
Hubert Christiansen '48, 2/1/2014
James Poor '59, 2/3/2014
Brian Hamilton '96, 2/4/2014
Gary Carter '67, 2/5/2014
Hazel Kruger Larson '42, 2/7/2014
Marjorie Switzer McFarlane '81, 2/14/2014
Paul Millhouse '57, 2/15/2014
Ivan Miller '83, 2/19/2014
Joe Hoiland '50, 2/20/2014
Sara Ewing Neeley '75, 2/22/2014
Ted Winchell '94, 2/25/2014
Jerry Moran '70, 3/8/2014
Robert Harlin '88, 3/15/2014
Richard Reid '75, 3/19/2014
Helene Zier Miklovich '56, 3/20/2014
Amy Stark '99, 3/20/2014
George Klepich '58, 3/21/2014
Dave Rieman '87, 3/23/2014
Elva Burton Loyning '89, 3/24/2014
Raymond Mus '67, 3/30/2014



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