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Class Notes Winter 2012

Marvel (Hoagland) Carlson Ferrin '52 followed up her teaching degree from Eastern Montana College with a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of San Diego then taught for 38 plus years.  She retired from Newport Mesa Unified School in 1992.


Judy Cole '81 and her husband, Mack, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family trip to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, then a cruise through the Panama Canal with friends.  Judy and Mack were both Peace Corps volunteers during the 1960's, then Judy taught journalism and English at Central High and Senior High in Billings and Mack worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  They are now retired on the family ranch near Hysham.  They have three children and nine grandchildren.

Stephen Ketterling '92 has joined First Interstate Bank's Wealth management division as assistant vice president and portfolio manager.  He received a bachelor's degree in finance from Eastern Montana College and also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Institute.

Kally Amundsen '96 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  She is a senior media buyer for A.D. Creative Group.


Shane Flowers '98 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  He's president of Project Meats, a meat processing plant and retail store near Shepherd, MT.  In his spare time, Shane is a drag racing enthusiast.


Laura Simonsen '98 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  Laura is the program navigator for Easter Seals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Region.


Sarah Graves '00, a long-distance runner from Ballantine, Mont competed in the 2012 women's portion of the 26.2 mile U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston in January.  Sarah was the only competitor from Montana.

Camille Wilson '00, '02 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  Camille is the director of behavioral health at RiverStone Health and Montana Family Medicine Residency.


Heather Ohs ’02 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  Heather is the state manager for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Montana.


Doug Braulick '03 is teaching art in Lewistown, Mont.  Some of his work will be auctioned at the 15th annual art auction exhibition for the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls in January.


DeDe Stoner '03 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  DeDe is a mortgage consultant with Guild Mortgage.


Matt Brubaker '04 is a licensed realtor with Metro Realtors in Billings, specializing in residential real estate.  He was previously a long-time Billings radio personality.


Danielle Rossow '05 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  Danielle is director of sales at Hampton Inn and Suites.


Wayne Wilcox '05 was recognized as one of Billings' Forty Under 40 for 2012.  Wayne is the owner of Big Sky ATM, Lukas Seely Presents, Advanced Wall Advertising and Drink Check Inc. 


Chad Maulolo '06 of Billings has been hired by EideBailly Technology Consulting as an infrastructure support analyst. He is a net-plus-certified technician and A-plus-certified technician.


Malea Jensen Minch '08 is teaching kindergarten at Crow Agency Elementary.  She and her husband, Ryan Minch, were married in July 2008.

Amy Marcotte '11 is a tax associate with EideBailly LLP in Billings.  She earned a bachelor of science in accounting.



Katelin Croker '10 to Jacob Hagenbuch, 1/3/2012
Kami Hill '03 to Mark Clancy, 1/12
Robert Rolando '98 to Lynn Wright, 2/2012
Kayla Farman '08 to Edwin Jones, 2/14/2012
Quinn Donovan '02 to Alicia Mader '10, 2/24/2012
Tara Hanley '07 to Sheridan Jones, 3/2012
Carly Collins '10 to Lukus Collins, 3/2/2012
Meghan Oliver '12 to Christopher Meyer, 3/3/2012
Aaron Reay '12 to Samantha Sandau, 3/3/2012
Katrina Gabel '09 to Braydon Hoiness, 3/10/2012
Kristen Clark '09 to Nicholas Eickhoff, 3/24/2012
Krista Bice '11 to Michael Alden, 3/26/2012


Lillian Johnson '76, 1/1/2012
Everett Bauer '84, 1/3/2012
Patricia Driscoll '51, 1/3/2012
Tennyson Boe '03, 1/6/2012
Daniel Jordan '90 ,1/6/2012
Glenn Brant '54, 1/9/2012
Mark Brecht '83, 1/12/2012
Bob Sheppard '53, 1/14/2012
Charles Fulton '35, 1/15/2012
Myrtle Post Soreide '77, 1/16/2012
Kassie Owen Scribner '38, 1/17/2012
Bertha Sieg Zinne '41, 1/18/2012
Janet Evenson Schweigert '71, 1/20/2012
Thelma Fuller Johnson '38, 1/22/2012
Louis Marquardt '42, 1/26/2012
Mary French Seaholm '49, 1/27/2012
Bernice Lehman Bren '39, 1/29/2012
Francis Logan '40, 1/29/2012
Charles Rightmire '70, 1/29/2012
Larry Leikam '67, 1/30/2012
Mary Ball Swanson '68, 1/30/2012
Stuart Briggs '72, 1/31/2012
Tod Frank '73, 1/31/2012
Joyce McCulloch Harms '66, 2/2/2012
Hal Rees '74, 2/3/2012
Adora Yarbrough Ostermiller '91, 2/8/2012
Bernice Krum Pierce '61, 2/9/2012
Craig Schwehr '05, 2/10/2012
Bruce Sherman '82, 2/10/2012
Richard Wright '86, 2/10/2012
Mary Hunter Innes '35, 2/11/2012
Judith Zumbrun Strommen '65, 2/15/2012
Ralph Thornton '56, 2/15/2012
Maryann Kosty Pamulapati '78, 2/17/2012
Alvin George '60, 2/21/2012
Sherry McKinnon Locke '64, 2/21/2012
Victoria Spotted Bull Azure '76, 2/23/2012
Eugene Brosovich '67, 2/26/2012
Jeanne Studer Glennon '95, 3/2/2012
Ruth Remington Billings '71, 3/3/2012
Jim Steppler '76, 3/5/2012
Marilynn Clark Howland '39, 3/8/2012
Russell Foreman '61, 3/14/2012
Dorris Houck Melton '36, 3/22/2012



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