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Class Notes Winter 2010

Kim Foard '79, a CPA in Billings, recently had an article published by VeraSage Institute, a professional think tank.  The article is titled What We Want and is focused on building relationships with customers to deliver the greatest value at a fair price.


Bernice Phillips '82 and her husband, Bruce, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception at Roberts Methodist Church and a trip to the west coast.  Bernice retired as a licensed practical nurse and Bruce is retired from the US Navy and a career as an office machine service technician.  Their sons are John Phillips of Billings and the late Bruce Phillips Jr.


Liz Greteman '86 and her husband, Ed, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner reception at the Yellowstone Country Club in Billings.  Liz was a medical technologist and director of Mayfair Auction for the Catholic Schools and retired in 1996.  Ed retired in 1999 as an accountant and controller.  They have four living children and 12 grand children.


Walt Acra '88 has been named the 2010 Montana Assistant Principal of the Year by the Montana Association of Secondary School Principals.  Acra has been in education for 31 years and assistant principal at Laurel High School since 2007.


Michelle Phillips '92 has been awarded the designation of licensed clinical professional counselor by the Montana Board of Social Work Examiners and Professional Counselors.  She is a therapist/lead clinical staffer for Youth Dynamics in Billings.


Kendal Mayer '95 is a licensed broker with Metro Realtors PC in Billings.  He specializes in residential sales in Yellowstone County.


Josh Brown '99 is the administrator at Mountain View Care Center in Bozeman.  Mountain View is a skilled nursing facility run by Lantis Enterprises.  Josh earned his master's in Health Administration from MSU Billings.


Jodi Lingle '99 is a personal banker at U.S. Bank in Bozeman.


Matthew Schafer '99 has started his own CPA firm in Billings, Schafer & Associates PC.  The company provides a full range of tax and accounting services for businesses, individuals and non-profits.


Jeremy Vannatta '99 has taken a new position with Big Sky Economic Development Authority as director of business outreach, recruitment and marketing.  He was previously senior marketing manager at Rimrock Mall in Billings.


Deanna South '00 recently joined Little Horn State Bank in Lockwood as a commercial lender.


Robin Hatfield '02 has joined Prudential Floberg Realtors in Billings as a broker associate specializing in residential properties.  



Kathy Vallie '82 to Ike Brewster, 12/4/2009
Elsa Petersson '05 to Dennis Anderson, 12/5/2009
Sandra Limon '95 to Rocky Caufield, 12/7/2009
Tessa Mitchell '04 to Steven Noe, 12/12/2009
Barbara Cellmer '79 to Curtis Collins, 12/24/2009
Gary Melton '98 to Joni Kunkel, 12/31/2009
Mary Torgerson '07 to Victor Wells, 1/2/2010
Terra Pierce '96 to Richard Wrobel, 1/6/2010
Brooks Clark 07 to Gloria Ingalls, 1/8/2010
Nichole Hoyem '05 to Brian Fisher, 1/14/2010
Brittney Bolin '07 to David Bailey, 1/23/2010
Carol Schuld '74 to Dennis Winchell, 1/31/2010
Jessica Work '08 to Daniel Turnquist, 2/2010
Laura Wendlandt '91 to Richard Mork, 2/13/2010
Monnyca Kindt '09 to Ryan Kramer, 2/27/2010


Mary Jo Mathews Sherman '58, 1/4/2010
Paul Beck '77, 1/6/2010
Twila Anderson Morgan '93, 1/7/2010
Michael Jensen '83, 1/10/2010
Hazel Griffith Martenson '72, 1/10/2010
Mary Hagerman Eschler '72, 1/11/2010
Sharon Boe Tutvedt '59, 1/15/2010
Millicent Preissel Scanlin '65, 1/17/2010
Betty Todd '67, 1/20/2010
John Pipe '84, 1/23/2010
Edwin Brown '75, 1/28/2010
Luann Brown Nelson '72, 2/3/2010
Myrtle Bentley Hubley '68, 2/4/2010
Bobbi Johnson Doney '91, 2/5/2010
Nelita Kolar Schlosser '98, 2/7/2010
James Seibert '72, 2/10/2010
Carol Dickey Devore '87, 2/13/2010
Hazelle Voss Kaul '38, 2/13/2010
Alice Olson '66, 2/14/2010
Erna Krueg Wenz '40, /14/2010
Marilyn Sowle Logan '58, 2/17/2010
David Wallace '69, 2/19/2010
Merry Jane Trewhella '02, 2/22/2010
Carol Schulz Botts '74, 2/24/2010
Shirley Seymour '84, 2/24/2010
Emma Shay Bare '71, 2/25/2010
Anna Boll Leithead '65, 2/26/2010
Regina Frizzell Reinhardt '74, 2/27/2010
Homer Nicholson '61, 2/28/2010
Walter Root '74, 3/5/2010
Colleen Marinkovich '72, 3/8/2010
Harold Zeiler '64, 3/10/2010
Nancy Close '75, 3/11/2010
Robert Inglis '73, 3/12/2010
Mary Toohey Dejarnett '70, 3/15/2010
Larry Mummey '91, 3/18/2010
Thomas Fraser '84, 3/20/2010
Patricia Becker Hert '95, 3/22/2010
Ralph Pegar '79, 3/25/2010
Mark Ullman '94, 3/27/2010
Selma Holland Morrison '56, 3/28/2010
Rick Hofferber '81, 3/29/2010
Jerrine Lakey Litwin '72, 4/4/2010
Curtis Gibbs '81, /6/2010
Paulette Standley Linabary '68, 4/8/2010



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