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Class Notes Summer 2014

Molly Sieler '69 and her husband, Ben, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a dinner for family.  Molly is retired after a 32 year teaching career with the Billings School District and Ben retired as an interior designer and the owner of Ben's Draperies.  They have two children and three grandchildren.  Sadly, Ben passed away in October this year.


Janine Merrill '78 is the marketing officer for the north-central area offices of Stockman Bank.  She is responsible for advertising, public relations, sponsorships and events for the bank's branches in Great Falls, Helena, Conrad, Cut Bank, Havre, Stanford, Lewistown and Geraldine.  Janine earned a master's degree in community service administration from Regis University in Denver.


Sharon Martinz '88 and her husband, Vern, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a three-week stay on Kauai, Hawaii, followed by some more traveling around Montana and finally a dinner celebration at the Windmill Supper Club in Billings with their children.  The Martinz’ have three children and one grand-child.


Colleen Wiechman '91 has joined Altana Federal Credit Union in Billings as a financial services manager.  She has more than 20 years of business and sales experience.  She was a member of the Lady Yellowjacket basketball team from 1987-1991 and inducted into the MSUB Athletic Hall of Fame in 2000.  Colleen is active in the Billings community and enjoys volunteering at youth sporting events.


Julie Anne Cajune '93 was presented with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award from the University of Montana in May 2014.  She is an independent educational consultant and has worked as a curriculum specialist for the Salish Kootenai Tribe, a public school administrator in Ronan and was awarded a grant from the Kellogg Foundation to document the community histories of tribes across the nation.  In 2012 she co-wrote, produced and performed a one-woman play titled Belief.


Brian Macy '93 has joined Leavitt Group insurance agency in Billings.  Before moving to Billings he served on the Association of Wyoming Independent Agents board and founded the Wyoming Young Agents Association.


Jeremiah Rouane '00 has joined Stockman Bank in Billings as a commercial loan officer.  He brings more than 16 years of banking experience to the position which includes commercial, real estate, construction and land development.  Rouane is a certified public accountant and a current member of the Home Builders Association and Montana Society of CPAs.


Travis Lance '06 is a recent graduate of the Billings Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Billings 2014 program.  He is the business valuation manager at EideBailly.


Andrea Kenney '08 was promoted to chief development officer for Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.  She has been with GSMW for two years and has 25 years of nonprofit experience.


Matt Poe '09 is the new school resource officer (SRO) at Shepherd High School.  He is a military veteran and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  In 2009 he joined the sheriff's office and later trained to become an SRO.  Matt is married with twin daughters and a son.


Jeff Redding '12 has been hired as the Billings customer care center manager for Lee Enterprises' regional call center.  He has more than 15 years of call center management experience and was previously part of the leadership team for Teleperformance USA and most recently a call center leader at Wells Fargo Bank.


Jesse Daffin '13 is a computer technician with Morrison-Maierle Systems in Billings.  He holds an AAS in desktop/network support from City College.


Heather Staus '14 has joined EideBailly in Billings as a tax associate.



Breanna Roe '13 to Drew Schwartz '08, 6/24/2014
Brooke Larsen '13 to Jacob Daugherty, 6/28/2014
Kayla Markovsky '12 to Jeremy Keeler '13, 6/28/2014
Lindsay Kellogg '14 to Cale Matteson, 6/28/2014
Cassandra Franklin '10 to Theodore Riehl '05, 6/28/2014
Season Yakawich '05 to Brian Woerner, 6/28/2014
Bridget Lambert '03 to Bradley Boehm, 7/5/2014
Lyndi Hernandez '11 to Jud Schwarzrock, 7/11/2014
Sara Fladmo '06 to Venkata Yellepiddi, 7/12/2014
Ryan Holm '11 to Holly Rasmussen, 7/12/2014
Danielle Barton '08 to John Tate, 7/12/2014
Rebecca Huck '10 to John Von Langen, 7/12/2014
Lisa Paulson '10 to Tracy Dinkel, 7/18/2014
Fannie Ward '97 to Craig Cliff, 7/19/2014
Kristi Roberts '98 to John Gallagher, 7/19/2014
Abigail Dufner '14 to Thomas Gallagher, 7/26/2014
Erin Heaney '12 to Jacob Kelly, 7/26/2014
Jill Hilario '08 to Henry Richards, 8/16/2014
Heather Certain '10 to Thomas Boyce 8/22/2014
Cassandra Favero-Stewart,'08 to Pan Xu '10, 8/28/2014
Sandi Daem '97 to Gregor Larsen, 9/6/2014


Barbara Duffey Branae '39, 6/23/2014
Genevieve Lee Bauer '69, 6/25/2014
Kevin French '81, 6/27/2014
Ruby Greiman Richert '39, 6/27/2014
Jewel Baker '92, 7/3/2014
Barbara Bergquist Campbell '52, 7/3/2014
Irene McCay Leland '89, 7/3/2014
Greg Senden '73, 7/6/2014
Vern McDermott '68, 7/8/2014
Mardell Ebert Pfennig '80, 7/9/2014
Stuart Swanson '78, 7/13/2014
Eugene Wehrman '93, 7/14/2014
Sherlen Trafton Zimmerman '66, 7/15/2014
Charles Springer '73, 7/16/2014
Frances Malone Rogers '83, 7/19/2014
Dewey Swank '64, 7/21/2014
Katherine Lechner Haaland '39, 7/22/2014
Robert Pease '96, 7/22/2014
Bruce Brown '79, 7/23/2014
Jerry Bashor '70, 8/4/2014
Sharon Miller '70, 8/5/2014
Mary Boies Fowlkes '62, 8/6/2014
Madeline Mashino Roeseler '33, 8/6/2014
Michael Kuehn '88, 8/8/2014
Effie Pearson Hinrichs '56, 8/16/2014
Nancy Morris Lorfing '71, 8/19/2014
Adele Bonner Dohrman '72, 8/22/2014
Joyce Bauer Stevenson '79, 8/22/2014
Joan Wagner Decock '63, 8/23/2014
Lois Sandbak Feldman '38, 8/23/2014
Michelle Metherd Vigesaa '96, 8/25/2014
Frances Sherman Weatherly '68,8/25/2014
Virginia Stinnett Cain '69, 8/27/2014
Harriet DeValois Warne '65, 8/30/2014
Bonnie Popp Ketterling '90, 9/2/2014
Barbara Hanson Espeland '58, 9/20/2014
Roberto Gutierrez '82, 9/20/2014



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