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Class Notes Summer 2013

Margaret Conover '42 and her husband, Robert, recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with a dinner in Billings and a reception in Broadview for friends and family.  Maggie was a teacher for many years at Broadview School and Junior farmed.  They have three sons, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Hubert “Buzz” Christiansen '48 and his wife, Bernice, recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at Aspen View retirement home in Billings.  Buzz is a retired elementary teacher and principal and Bernice is a retired administrative assistant.  They have three children, six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.
Robert Zupan '48 and his spouse, Jeanne, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a family vacation at Flathead Lake in Western Montana.  Bob is retired as a teacher, coach and administrator at Senior High in Billings and Jeanne is also retired from the Billings School District, They have four children and seven grandchildren.


Diana '64 & Leo '63 Wohler recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family barbecue in Billings.  Both are retired educators and worked for the Billings School District.  They have four children and eight grandchildren.

Sharon Wolske '65 and her spouse, Bob, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at Homesteader Hall in Shepherd, MT.  Bob Wolske recently retired from farming and Sharon from a career as a tax accountant.  They have one daughter.


Doug Dierenfield '67 and his spouse, Donna, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family vacation at Seeley Lake.  Doug is retired as the owner of Universal Awards in Billings and Donna has retired from Billings Public Schools.  They have four children and 12 grandchildren.

David Parker '82 has been principal of Groveland Elementary in Minnetonka, MN since 2003.  Groveland is a Minnesota School of Excellence specializing in technology, language immersion and student leadership.  Prior to moving to Minnesota, David taught in Kalispell, Montana.


Sherry Purdy '83 has established a law firm in Colorado, Purdy Law, and specializes in elder law and estate planning.  She was recently elected to the executive committee of the elder law section of the Colorado Bar Association.  She is co-author of an estate administration article in the Colorado Lawyer.


Joan Daly '90 has been named the new warden of the Montana Women's Prison in Billings.  She holds a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling and a bachelor's degree in psychology from MSU Billings and has worked in Montana health care for the past 15 years.  Before joining the prison staff last year she was the associate administrator at Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs.

Caroline Clark '92, '97 teaches high school in Henderson, NV and also runs a private marriage and family counseling practice.  She is a licensed clinical professional counselor in both Montana and Nevada.


Joel Stott '92 recently joined the sales team at Whitewood Transport.  He has more than 20 years of sales, accounting and dispatch experience in the trucking industry.


Pamela Hancock '94 is a licensed professional counselor and a nationally registered art therapist.  She has a private practice in Telluride, Colorado and is authoring a book on human resiliency.

Tina Aster '95 has been an operating room nurse for the past 12 years at Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande, Oregon.  She loves her nursing career and credits her outstanding training at the MSUB College of Technology (City College).


Peg Furshong '85 of Granite Falls, MN joined Clean Up the River Environment in August of 2012. As the Director of Operations & Constituent Relations, Peg is responsible for internal operations including financial systems and budgeting, information technology and managing organizational performance, record management, facilities and risk management.  In the summer of 2013, she led the effort to develop CURE's Events & Adventures division. As an educator, throughout most of her professional career, Peg has worked with young adults in higher education, facilitating programs in leadership, civic engagement, sustainability and diversity. She came to Minnesota with a love for nature and the values of environmental stewardship. Outside of work, she spends time with her husband and three children gardening, biking and enjoying the outdoors. Peg holds a M.S. in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Information, Process & Communication (IPC) from Montana State University-Billings.


Jason Vollmer '97 has been promoted to president of Weave Management Group of Billings.  He previously served as general manager of Warren Transport.


Christy Hamill '99 is the general manager at Austin-Lehman Adventures in Billings.  She has been with the travel company for 12 years and her experience in tourism includes the airline industry, hotel and ski resort reservations.

Jason Sunderland '00 is the controller at Weave Management Group in Billings.  He was previously the chief financial officer at Dixon Pumps.


Justin Moser '01 was promoted to director of account management at EBMS.  He joined EBMS in 2007 and was most recently regional sales manager for Montana.  He is a recipient of EBMS' Core Values Award for his commitment in assisting the account management department while developing and maintaining client relationships in his sales role.


Dan Fisher '02 is the assistant controller at Weave Management Group of Billings.  He was previously the regional accountant for Heritage propane.

Heather Ohs '02 has joined Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch Foundation as vice president of development.  She has more than a decade of experience in the non-profit sector.  She was development manager with the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Montana and in 2010 opened the first state office for Make-A-Wish Montana.


Kirk Keysor '03 recently accepted a position with the National Credit Union Administration as a Federal Credit Union Examiner in Denver, Colorado.  He will be auditing credit unions in Colorado and Wyoming.  For the past five years Kirk was a loan specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Debra Perkins '03 has earned a masters in Social Work through Walla Walla extended campus in Billings and is working towards licensure as an LCSW.  She is employed by Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center.


Andy Verhasselt '03 was promoted to designer/CADD standards manager at Sanderson Stewart, a regional engineering, planning and community development services firm in Billings.


Brian VanSteeland '04 has been promoted to audit manager at Summers McNea & Company in Billings.  He has been with the company for nine years and specialized in audits, compilations, reviews, corporate taxes and individual income taxes.  Brian is a member of the Montana Society of CPA's and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Travis Lance '06 has joined Eide Bailly in Billings as a business valuation manager.  He also provides financial advisory and economic analysis for various transactions.

Victoria Riemer Gilmore '08 recently earned her master's degree from the New England College of Finance.  She has completed the Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute and is now working on a Certified Information Privacy Professional  certification.


Kassie Runsabove '08 is the program manager for the Child Ready Montana Grant through St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings.  The grant helps to prepare rural critical access hospitals to be pediatric ready for emergent needs.  Kassie and her husband, William, have three children.


Amy Weidlich '08 is the sales manager and social media expert at Austin-Lehman Adventures in Billings.  She has five years’ experience in sales, trip coordination and guiding.


Breanna Hove '09 has joined Century 21 Hometown Brokers in Billings as a realtor.


Phillip Rolen '09 recently received his master's degree in Intelligence Studies from American Military University.  He is now applying for Ph.D. programs in international affairs or global security.  Phillip and his wife, Amie, live in Saratoga Springs, Utah.


Camden Wiest '10 has been promoted to  marketing assistant at First Interstate Bank in Billings.  He has been with the bank for over two years, most recently as a teller for the Billings West branch.  He will serve in an administrative support role to the marketing director as well as the product development, advertising and virtual services managers.


Mike McDaniel '13 has joined Whitewood Transport in Billings in the operations department.


Kirsten VanDiest '13 has joined the accounting firm of Galusha Higgins & Galusha in Billings.  She will focus on tax preparation, audits of governments, nonprofits and commercial businesses and financial statement review and compilation.



Aaron Chavez '11 to Deanna Eyrich '12, 6/22/2013
Vicki Lieu '09 to Jordan Aguilar, 6/23/2013
Lisa  Hufnagel '13 to Michael McDaniel '13, 6/29/2013
Jessica Ridgway '12 to Nathan Perius, 6/29/2013
Hannah Wilson '10 to Ben Tougas, 6/29/2013
Dustin Ahrens '13 to Haley  Carroll, 7/2013
Tessa Cunneen '12 to Alexander Berl ,7/5/2013
Micah Nelson '11 to Michael Kemper '10, 7/5/2013
Jennifer  Gordon '99 to Kelly Dahlquist, 7/11/2013
Gladys  Bondurant '71to  Earl Bracha, 7/13/2013
Corina  Dahlhausen '06 to  Darren Gollehon, 7/13/2013
Tara  Sebek '10 to Brett McKee '05, 7/13/2013
Devin  Lackner '13 to Rusty Ontiveros, 7/13/2013
Sharon Taylor Winnett '82 to Richard Gilson '95, 7/17/2013
Patricia Udelhoven '06 to Cody Inabnit, 7/20/2013
Chelsi Diedrich '07 to  Randon Podoll, 7/20/2013
Aurelia Carrreno '08 to Craig Benedict, 7/25/2013
Charlee Osmond '13 to Dillon Rose, 7/26/2013
Kelsie Clark '10 to Michael El-gersma, 7/27/2013
Kelly Bryn '05 to Thomas Osen, 7/27/2013
Jessica Tobin '13 to Joseph Shade, 7/27/2013
Paige Helterbran '12 to Daniel Bealer '12, 8/2013
Ashley Audet '10 to Jonathan Holkum, 8/2013
Erika Halle '11 to Mark Kimm, 8/1/2013
Alicia Meyer '11 to Dan Singer, 8/3/2013
Ashley Cellmer '10 to Stuart Cash, 8/17/2013
Lessie Dollarhide '12 to Matthew Gardner, 8/17/2013
Megan Covington '12 to Kristopher Herman, 8/17/2013
Leigh Bergland '10 to Lance Lundvall, 8/17/2013
Landy Sears '10 to Chester Root, 8/17/2013
Deandra Sedillos '10 to Mark Perreault, 8/22/2013
Jenna Bokma '12 to Zachary Appel, 8/24/2013
Valerie Barta '02 to Wade Route, 8/24/2013
Shannon O'Hara '10 to Matthew Deutscher, 8/31/2013
Danielle Ritter '11 to Drew Savage, 9/2013
Kyle Vierthaler '13 to Kortney  Kemmis , 9/2013
Erin Econom '11 to Archie Smith '13, 9/7/2013
Bailey O'Connor '11 to Corey Shafer, 9/8/2013
Lisa Green '10 to Andrew Leech, 9/13/2013
Holly Pleas '11 to David Ness, 9/14/2013
Stephany Kessler '13 to Manuel Sedillos, 9/14/2013
Natasha Jesperson '11 to  Brian Abel, 9/18/2013
Jerri Ahrens '02 to Colt High, 9/20/2013
Amanda Rieb '08 to Bryan King, 9/20/2013
Stacy Walker '10 to Richard Bronec, 9/21/2013
Michelle  Dyk '05 to David Cleaves, 9/21/2013
Casinda Riggleman '11 to Pryor Jourdan  '00, 9/21/2013
Allison Tripp '03 to Jonathan Wyatt, 9/21/2013


Kristin Mackney '01, 6/22/2013
Clinton Wigen '94, 6/22/2013
Faith Olson Bollman '80, 6/27/2013
Garnette Schirmer Haughawout '36, 6/27/2013
Shirley Fuller Olds '40, 7/3/2013
Susan Dixon Costello '84, 7/11/2013
David Hofstad '65, 7/13/2013
Billie Asay '74, 7/14/2013
Ruth Sieler '67, 7/14/2013
Gary Gentry '81, 7/20/2013
Jane Fosgate Vaughan '40, 7/26/2013
JoAnn Franzen Heins '72, 7/30/2013
Kathleen Tritschler Jensen '71, 7/31/2013
Wayne Marcus '39, 8/2/2013
Edith Coombe Kober '43, 8/6/2013
Tom Carkulis '72, 8/8/2013
Joan Hurdle '55, 8/10/2013
Robert Kaufmann '58, 8/21/2013
Richard Dunning '86, 8/23/2013
Ronald Rafferty '81, 8/23/2013
William Roney '69, 8/27/2013
Patricia Evans '82, 8/28/2013
Paul Kanta '79, 8/28/2013
Orland Jordahl '41, 9/3/2013
Dorothy Kylander Borud '65, 9/9/2013
Janna Atwell '98, 9/11/2013
Peter Grobel '78, 9/15/2013
Jacqueline Getten Manyen '99, 9/16/2013
Judith Stephenson '69, 9/21/2013



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