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Class Notes Summer 2012

Earl '52, '57 and Julie '52, '75 Halverson recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a family potluck in Billings.  Earl retired as assistant principal at Lewis and Clark Junior High in 1984 and Julie retired as a kindergarten teacher at Newman Elementary in 1995.  They have two children and one grandchild.


Scott Schreiber '78 retired from his position with Compass Mental Health Services in March 2011.


Laurie Schreiber '85 continues to work as an elementary counselor and reading specialist with the Lake Stevens School District in Washington.  The Schreiber's have two grandchildren.


Edward Wiest '82 a math teacher at Plenty Coups High School in Pryor, Mont was honored at a White House luncheon as one of 12 turnaround leaders designated as Champions of Change.  Honorees were recognized for their roles in building a culture of high expectations, improving instruction, creating safe environments for learning and fostering professional environment.  Wiest said that one of the biggest differences he's notice at Pryor High School is an attitude of hope and empowerment.


Burton Pierce '83 was inducted into the Montana Coaches Association Hall of Fame in August.  He spent 30 years as a coach, social studies teacher and counselor for the Billings School District and was the only coach to ever hold a head coaching position at all three Class AA high schools in Billings.  Over the years he coached at Senior, Castle Rock Middle School, Skyview and West.


Betty Ann Roan '85 and her husband, Jim, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner and dance at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center.  Betty is director of Alpha House and Beta Alternatives in Billings and Jim has a solar company, Ra Solar.  They have two children and four grandchildren.

Cara Willson '88 taught for the past two years at Knowlton, a one-room country school in Custer County and is now teaching music and Title I at Kinsey School in Miles City.


Margaret McKee '90 is retired but continues to work in her field of gemology.  She will be starting flight lessons as soon as she and her husband, Charles, complete their final house in Frannie, Wyoming.


Virginia Niles '92 has joined Forrester Group Real Estate in Billings.  She has eight years of real estate experience and specializes in residential, investment and new construction.


Cari Baxter '93 is an internal communications specialist for First Interstate Bank in Billings.  She has been working for the bank since 2006 as a knowledge specialist in employee performance and development and will now be assisting in the development and implementation of a company-wide internal communications strategy.

Jan Shorthill '96 teaches special education at Skyview High School in Billings.  She loves being a grandma to her two grandchildren who live in Portland, Oregon.


Dawn Fjell-Hagan '97 of Deer Lodge, Montana just finished her 13th year teaching special education.  She has been at Powell County High School for the past ten years and is also the sexual harassment coordinator for female students at PCHS.


Jerry Simonson '98 has been named branch manager at Western Security Bank in Billings Heights.  He has been with the bank since 2003 and was previously vice president and business banker at the downtown branch.


Shelly Harris '99 has joined Glover Realty Group in Billings.  She has 23 years of experience in title/escrow and mortgage lending in addition to her real estate experience.

Matthew Struck '99 of Structure Homegrown Technology in Billings was recognized as IT Person of the Year in OpenDNS's SysAdmin Awards, a program designed to celebrate hard-working IT leaders and network administrators.   Struck's technology consulting business provides technology solutions ranging from computer hardware and network solutions to web design and development.


Ellen Edlund '02 is an ICU nurse with the Billings Clinic.  She is celebrating her 10th year as an RN and has worked in various departments such as ICU and cardiac as well as the travel program.


Darcy Bouchard '03 has joined Stewart Title in Billings as an escrow officer.  She has prior experience in the residential real estate industry and will specialize in escrow closings.


Wayne Dagel '03 directed a tribal vocational rehabilitation program with the Department of Health and Human Services.  He is also a successful grant writer.  Wayne lives in Billings with his wife, Jenifer.

Melida Kessler '03 is a counselor with the Billings School District.  She earned a master’s degree at MSU Bozeman.  Melida and her husband, Trenton, have a baby daughter.


Jackie Swiesz '04 is a human resources specialist with Associated Employers in Billings.


Nadene Falagan '05 just finished a two-year contract teaching at the American International School in Egypt.  She taught 3rd grade in Cairo.  She is now working on an international baccalaureate and is at home in Roberts, Montana.


Natalie Meyers '05 is enjoying her career as a special education teacher with the Lovell, Wyoming school district.


Constance Frank '06 was recently appointed to the Montana Mental Disabilities Board by Gov. Brian Schweitzer.


Renae Belcher Harris '06 is working at Stockman Bank in Belgrade, MT.  Renae and her husband Kyler were married in 2008 and have a baby daughter, Alivia.

Althea James '06 is the area manager for the Western National Parks Association and also serves on the Indian Health Board, Shonto Chapter and the Tourism Commission.  She is busy as a mom of a two-year old and enjoying life in Arizona.


Alyson Miller '08 is assistant controller at the Heritage Foundation in Alexandria, VA.  She received her CPA license in May 2011 and is now working on an MBA degree at George Mason University.


Baun Ellsworth '09 is a conductor with the BNSF Railway and plans to begin engineer training this fall.  He and his wife, Farrah, have purchased their first home and are excited to build their life together in the Havre community.


Lisa Hammel '10 has been promoted to program coordinator with Yellowstone CASA.  She will oversee new volunteer training as well as ongoing training and supervision of 63 current volunteers.  Lisa holds a bachelor's in human services and is also a licensed addictions counselor.

Tyler Young '11 has been hired by Rocky Mountain Bank in Billings as relationship manager.  He is responsible for finding solutions for commercial and agricultural customers' financial needs.  Tyler spent the past year with Heartland Financial in Dubuque, Iowa, taking part in extensive credit training and financial relationships.


Cady Irion '12 has been hired by First Interstate Bank in Billings as an administrative assistant in the marketing department.



Crystal Burdette '08 to Kyle Clardy, 7/7/2012
Nicole Hein '08 to Anders Fiske, 7/7/2012
Keri Taylor '99 to Gordon Lockwood, 7/7/2012
Christina Higgins '07 to Kevin O'Malley, 7/7/2012
Kimberly Mogan '07 to Travis Sickle, 7/7/2012
Jennifer Hamann '08 to Jordan Webber, 7/12/12
Shawna Francisco '06 to Raymond Baker, 7/14/2012
Susan Sampson '85 to Paul Bidleman, 7/14/2012
Adrienne Butler '04 to Zachary Burns, 7/14/2012
Kimberly Neill '07 to Derek Forquer, 7/14/2012
Kortney Klein '12 to Jonas Lanchbury, 7/14/2012
Brenna Burns '12 to Kurt Rickhoff, 7/14/2012
Kimberly Thomas '08 to Leon Thomas, 7/16/2012
Heather Munson '05 to Zecharia English, 7/21/2012
Misty Jackson '05 to Lucas Logan, 7/21/2012
Alexis Dufner '11 to Jacob Richards, 7/21/2012
Hope Mager '10 to Elliott Grayson, 7/24/2012
Amanda Patton '05 to Christian Bourn, 7/26/2012
Kellie Yost ‘04 to Kaine Kittelmann '06, 7/28/2012
Stephanie Mieszerski '10 to Thomas Hower, 7/30/2012
Reagan Lefdahl '99 to Kory Geffre, 8/2012
Jaime Johnson '04 to Ryan Holly, 8/2012
Kasandra Stoltz '10 to Ryan Gomendi, 8/3/2012
Taryn Symmes '10 to Reese Miller, 8/3/2012
Bonnie Satterfield '11 to Kennith Binek, 8/4/2012
Tiffany Taylor '09 to Michael Binford '07, 8/4/2012
Ashley Waldmann '10 to William Citalic, 8/4/2012
Rebecca Frank '12 to Tyler Coburn, 8/4/12
Kay LaFrize '05 to Brian McGuffin, 8/4/2012
Erin Spence '10 to Michael Moots, 8/4/2012
Ronnie Kuykendall '83 to Lorreen Kennedy, 8/11/2012
Brittney Sandau '08 to Jurell Linford '09, 8/11/2012
Laura Madden '02 to Quinn Emett, 8/18/2012
Mikel Walker '11 to Jeremy Sherman, 8/18/2012
Jamie Zinnecker to Ryan Holter, 9/2012
Kirsten Dear '11 to Camden Wiest '10, 9/2/2012
Anne Humphrey '06 to Brett Litle, 9/8/2012
Larry Kaufman '72 to Cynthia Devitt, 9/13/2012
Diane Leider '97 to Michael Charette, 9/14/2012
Tawan Henson '05 to Joseph Jamaal, 9/14/2012
Lea Ann Hyden '95 to Curtis Hoferer, 9/15/2012
Erin Burrowes '06 to Landon Kjensmo '12, 9/15/2012
Mandy Bighorn '07 to Scott Berens, 9/22/2012
Leilani Milks '88 to Terence Hucck, 9/22/2012
Julie Hogemark '06 to Mark Patterson, 9/29/2012


Marie Sieg Harman '38, 7/12/2012
Judy Nicholson Seeley '73, 7/12/2012
Emily Krall Schelly '30, 7/13/2012
George Smith, 7/15/2012
Howard Vine '92, 7/15/2012
Thelma Arthun Dewell '36, 7/16/2012
Ettabelle Williams Herring '77, 7/17/2012
Marianne Cooley Hyatt '83, 7/23/2012
Thelma Rude Swenson '40, 7/23/2012
Ada Price McGraw '78, 7/25/2012
Delmar Fried '63, 8/7/2012
John Eisenbraun '85, 8/8/2012
Michael Mikota '78, 8/11/2012
James Grundhauser '82, 8/13/2012
Teresa Brown '89, 8/14/2012
Charles Little '67, 8/14/2012
Alice McDowell Simpson '51, 8/14/2012
Doris Love Erickson '65, 8/16/2012
Bruce Chaney '78, 8/21/2012
Norman DeVoe '76, 8/23/2012
Toby Green Tronson '68, 8/23/2012
Archie Lake '72, 8/29/2012
Megan Vogel '01, 8/29/2012
Clyde Breding '76, 8/31/2012
Patricia Coleman Conroy '70, 8/31/2012
Phyllis Davis Shaffer '42, 8/31/2012
Geraldine Nelson Glockhamer '39, 9/3/2012
Julia Van Steeland Iacopini '79, 9/5/2012
Rosalie Sitter '92, 9/8/2012
June Johnson Vezey '66, 9/11/2012
Mary Cummins Bear Cloud '76, 9/14/2012
Agnes Aalgaard Braaten '67, 9/14/2012
Jonette Nelson Green '72, 9/14/2012
Malcolm Bailey '70, 9/18/2012
Ruth Borchardt '67, 9/21/2012
Gayle Trusler '75, 9/22/2012
Sally Grinsteiner '78, 9/26/2012
Richard Burke '79, 9/28/2012



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