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Class Notes Summer 2010

Evonne Arnold '39 and her spouse, Bernard, recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with a family barbecue at their home in Absarokee.  They are both retired from ranching and have three children, eight grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and three step-great-grandchildren.


Ed Helgeson '62 and his wife, Sandy, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family trip to Seaside, Ore.  Ed and Sandy are both retired in Billings and have four children and eight grandchildren.

Jerry Hartnett '64 and his spouse, Joyce, recently celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary with a trip to Oregon.  Jerry retired as Exxon's general aviation territory manager for the Rocky Mountain area.  They have four children and five grand children.


Norene Peterson '82 recently became a certified manager in program improvement, a two-year training program in which participants must complete a program improvement project within their organization.  Norene is a language arts instructor with the Billings Adult Education program.


Cathy B. Allen '85 of Billings was recently elected chair of the American Society of Women Accountants Education Foundation.


Mark Holle '87 was recently promoted to director of finance and accounting at Sanderson Stewart, a Billings based engineering firm.  Holle was been with the firm for six years and previously held the position of controller and is a licensed CPA.


Angie Atkinson '90 was elected president of the Insurance Associates of Billings, a local non-profit organization.  Angie is an agent with HUB International.

Renee Richards '90 of Billings was recently appointed as regional director of the American Society of Women Accountants.


Kevin Hickok '91 has been appointed chief credit officer and senior vice president at the Bank of Bridger.  He has been bank manager of the bank for 14 years.  Kevin will be responsible for all functions related to credit administration for the nine branch locations.


Bev Ross '91 and her spouse, Sig, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Bev is a retired financial advisor and Sig owns Sig Ross Engineering in Billings.  They have one daughter and son-in-law and one grandchild.


Linda Harris '93 of Absarokee, Mont. was recently elected as national director of the American Society of Women Accountants and was also appointed as co-chair of the 2011 joint national conference to be held in Charlotte, NC.


Patricia Michaels '94 was recently elected past president of Insurance Associates of Billings, a non-profit organization.


Brooke Gondara '95 has been appointed president of Barrow Tribal College, effective January 2011.  Gondara is currently dean of Social Sciences at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College in Oregon, which has an enrollment of 26,700 students. She was previously employed at the Chief Dull Knife Tribal College in rural Montana, Montana State University, and as education director of the Western Heritage Center.  Gondara earned her doctorate in 2005, in Education with an emphasis in Community College Leadership from Oregon State University.

Alex Tyson '95 has been named vice president of the Billings Chamber of Commerce.  In 2009 she was one of the 40 Under 40 Rising Stars named by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Association.  She also serves as president of the MSU Billings Alumni Advisory Board.  Alex and her husband, Calvin, have two boys.


Angela Campbell '96 was recently appointed as the executive director of Yellowstone CASA which provides volunteer court appointed advocates to work on behalf of abused and neglected children.  Angela received her law degree from Hamline University School of Law and worked as an attorney for young victims of abuse and neglect in Clark County, Wisconsin from 2002-2010.


Jason Vollmer '97 has been promoted to general manager/business development at Warren Transport Inc. of Billings.  He will oversee operations, safety and sales of the company.  He has been with Warren Transport for two years as sales director.

Kim Kaiser '00, executive director of RiverStone Health Foundation in Billings, received her accreditation as a certified fundraising executive from the CFRE International.


Kaycee Carroll '03 has been promoted to assistant vice president at Western Security Bank in Billings.  She has been with the bank for three years.


Jessica Ponce '04 recently joined Judo's Home Medical Pharmacy as a home care specialist working with the durable medical equipment needs of customers.  She received her Licensed practical nurse training at the MSUB College of Technology.


Wayne Wilcox '05 of Billings is the co-owner of Advanced Wall Advertising along with Bobby Reynolds and Colby Hernandez.  The company installs large high-definition TV's in high-traffic areas such as bars, fitness gyms and malls and flashes advertisements for other local companies.


Lisa Halpin '06 is the sales manager of the Hilton Garden Inn Billings.  Previously she was sales manager of Billings Hotel and Convention Center.  Lisa is a certified International Wedding Planning professional.


Susan Lynch '06 has joined Stockman Bank in Billings as an audit officer.  She will be responsible for assessing the credit quality of agriculture, commercial, consumer and real estate loans, underwriting procedures, and other audit functions for all 22 Stockman Bank locations across Montana.


Jacque Lorang '07 recently earned a real estate brokers license through the State of Montana.  She is a realtor with Billings Real Estate Professionals and specializes in residential real estate.


Kyle Rickhoff '08 has been promoted to digital media editor at the Billings Gazette.  Since joining the Gazette in 2008 he has guided the introduction of a new content management system for the on-line Gazette and expanded the presentation of video and other digital content.



Margo Aldrich '02 to Charles Long, 7/3/2010
Aaron Bradford '03 to Phillip McDonald, 7/9/2010
Jared Frickle to '05 to Melanie Butts, 7/10/2010
Justin Jablonski to '05 to Johnna Dykes, 7/10/2010
Kwyn Forbregd '05 to Louis Szabados, 7/11/2010
Brandy Evans '05 to Cody Getchell, 7/11/2010
Kristine Wattles '08 to Jeremy Brady, 7/16/2010
Tasha Math '07 to Wade Keller, 7/16/2010 
Heidi FitzSimmons '05 to Jarod Sampson, 7/17/2010
Jessica Reffalt '08 to Damien Herrera, 7/19/2010
Kelsey Lehfeldt '08 to Chadwick Gluhm, 7/23/2010
Tressa Super '03 to Scott Atkinson ,7/24/2010
Aubree Hickman '05 to Ryan Cunningham, 7/24/2010
Alesia Kolar '08 to Robert Styren, 7/24/2010
Cassie Flager '10 to Levi Luman, 7/30/2010
Andrew Eames to '04 to Julie Clifford '06, 8/2010
Michael Lee to '07 to Paula Garey, 8/2010
Nicole Keltner '06 to Nels Jensen, 8/7/2010
Christopher Lord to '09 to Amanda Christianson, 8/7/2010
Tawnya Burley '03 to Donald Rome, 8/7/2010
Catherine Hageman '06 to Robert Cremer, 8/21/2010
Julia to Hughes '00 to Curtis Finnicum, 8/21/2010
Cheryl Buchanan '05 to Christopher Bradley, 8/27/2010
Jennifer Horak '06 to Trever Schilling, 8/28/2010
Brian Longenecker to '09 to Rebecca Eidem, 9/2010
Valerie Salway '00 to Klee Cady, 9/3/2010
Christopher Watters to '06 to Jenna Murnion, 9/12/2010
Erin Matthews '06 to Robert Lambert '03, 9/18/2010
Heidi Henderson '05 to Frederick Sparks, 9/18/2010
Amity Heller '06 to Luke Twibell, 9/18/2010
Kim Hatfield '94 to Martin Webb '90, 10/2010
Andrew Racki to '06 to Sarah Schillinger, 10/2010
Jetton Meadors '09 to Kyle Ailes '09, 10/2/2010
Nichole Van Noten '09 to Erik Hamnes, 6/2012
Whitney Romer '06 to Mark Stricker, 8/2028


Quent M.Gary '87, 6/29/2010
Kathryn Kreiner Glenn '83, 7/3/2010
David Jones '41, 7/4/2010
William Fox '58, 7/6/2010
Jessie McDonald White '44, 7/12/2010
Rita Christensen Ricker '52, 7/14/2010
Richard Buslett '76, 7/15/2010
David Hutchinson '72, 7/20/2010
Rita Stewart Bidlake-Anderson '54,7 /25/2010
Faith BadBear-Bartlett '87, 8/14/2010
Raymond Endres '51, 8/14/2010
Judith Inglehart Wilkins '87, 8/19/2010
James Wrightson '60, 8/21/2010
Earl Britton '52,8/24/2010
Macsy Straatsma Haight '35, 8/27/2010
Juanita Huppert Putzker '41, 9/3/2010
Beverly Brittenham Smith Arriaga '72, 9/4/2010
Judy Siblerud '71, 9/6/2010
Francis ShotGunn '04, 9/15/2010
Elmeda Titus Flamm '71, 9/20/2010
James Knopp '83, 9/20/2010



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