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Class Notes Spring 2013

Vivian Munson '51 and her husband, Ray, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a special service and celebration at the New Apostolic Church in Billings.  Bambi is a retired librarian and teacher and Ray works at Speedometer Auto.  They have four children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Pat Baracker '73 recently joined Prudential Floberg Realtors in Billings as a sales associate.  He spent the previous 11 years as a general contractor for new home construction and remodeling.


Pam Doherty '74 has been promoted to assistant vice president and commercial loan officer for the Stockman Bank Shiloh Branch.  She has 32 years of banking experience and has been with Stockman Bank since 2006.  Pat is involved with the Breakfast Exchange Club and Home Builders Association and has completed the Leadership Billings program.


Barbara Kirk '76 was awarded the 2013 Excellence in Music Instruction plaque during a recent concert at the Alberta Bair Theater.  Kirk is a violinist with the Billings, Great Falls and Bozeman Symphony Orchestras and maintains a private violin studio.  She is also a conductor with the Billings Youth Orchestra and Chorale.


Deborah Richau '77 was one of this year's Golden Apple award winners.  She is a 7th grade life sciences teacher at Will James Middle School in Billings.  The Golden Apple Award is given to outstanding teachers by the Billings Education Association.


Karen Schott '89 was elected as board chair of the Northwest Farm Credit Services board.  She raises wheat and peas and manages a lease pasture operation in Broadview, Montana and also serves as secretary of the family farming operation, Bar Four F Ranch Inc.


Daniel Kosel '93 is the new director of sales at King's Cupboard in Red Lodge.  He has more than 20 years of sales, marketing and management experience in multiple industries including grass-fed beef ranching, biotech, sales training and specialty retail.


Jamie Jarvis '97 was named Teacher of the Year by the Billings Education Association.  Jamie teaches geography at Lewis and Clark Middle School.  She created the Two Roads Project, which challenges middle schoolers to raise money for a charity of their choice.  This year's initial investment of $4,000 has increased to more than $16,000.


Chuck Swarm '97 is one of this year's Golden Apple award winners.  He teaches biology, human anatomy and physiology at Billings West High School.  The Golden Apple award is given to outstanding teachers by the Billings Education Association.

Mel Reinhardt '04 of New West Medicare in Billings has achieved Six Sigma certification.  Six Sigma is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement.  Reinhardt is responsible for Medicare marketing and provider relations throughout Billings and Eastern Montana.


James Hopkins '09 has joined Vertex Consulting Group in Billings as an infrastructure support analyst.  He has extensive experience in network management and end-user support.

Jonna Jones '09 has joined Wendy's of Montana as their marketing coordinator.  Following graduation she worked as a market research assistant at the Center for Applied Economic Research at MSU Billings.

Bethany Walter '10 is a certified general appraiser with Warren Land & Livestock in Billings.  She specializes in rural farm and ranch appraisals in Eastern Montana and northern Wyoming for estate planning, estate settlement and real estate transactions.  She is a principal owner of Warren Land & Livestock.



Melisa Slunaker '03 to Wiley Taylor, 4/2013
Shayla Jaroch '06 to Timothy Mascarena, 4/20/2013
Michelle Key '09 to Anthony Schoonover '12, 4/20/2013
Whitney Michel '07 to Nicholas Peterson, 4/27/2013
Christopher Hust '10 to Julie Higgins, 5/2013
Shawna Fisher '10 to Tony Smith, 5/4/2013
Heather Fitzhugh '12 to Jacob Turner, 5/4/2013
Jessica Skillman '04 to Matthew Hullmann, 5/10/2013
Leslie Caldwell '04 to Nathaniel Schnase, 5/10/2013
Lonna Ickes '02 to Robert Landon, 5/11/2013
Karla Ochsner '08 to Steven Diaz, 5/25/2013
Michelle Standley '10 to Matthew Nedens, 5/25/2013
Kerry Lou Vowell '08 to Erik Smith, 5/25/2013
Michael Wombolt '05 to Sarah Schindler '08, 5/25/2013
Nikki Wohler '91 to Sheldon Alweis, 5/26/2013
Kyle Bomar '08 to Ashley Dietz, 6/1/2013


Alden Gonzalez '87, 3/22/2013
Charles Rowland '70, 3/25/2013
David Seitz '54, 3/26/2013
Carol Burtness Harcharik '52, 3/28/2013
Evelyn Rogney Barry '35, 4/2/2013
Constance Long Studer '58, 4/3/2013
Clara Skaar Ditton '45, 4/5/2013
Samuel Forney '79, 4/5/2013
Rena HeDoesIt Frank '76, 4/10/2013
Yvonne Neill Riojas '96, 4/11/2013
Ray Lewis '74, 4/13/2013
Graham Humphrey '73, 4/15/2013
Bonnie Kautz Langager '74, 4/15/2013
Linda Holter Utterback '69, 4/18/2013
Helen Hockett Wetzsteon '69, 4/24/2013
Leonette Lodmell Jaumotte '31, 4/27/2013
Lois Woods Thorpe '39, 4/29/2013
Richard Frye '72, 5/14/2013
Keith Gilbert '87, /14/2013
May Birdsall Darrah '34, 5/15/2013
Dennis Hoke '87, 5/17/2013
Janis Provost Masters '57, 5/19/2013
Margaret Butka Bellezza '34, 5/22/2013
Douglas Harper '80, 5/29/2013
Edward Rutledge '62, 6/11/2013
Mikel Korich '48, 6/14/2013



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