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Class Notes Fall 2013

Dorothy Bede Hucke '52 and her husband, Joe, recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in Billings with friends.  Dorothy is a former teacher and Joe is the owner of Timberweld where he still works.  The have four children and four grandchildren.
Virginia Ulschak Lutz '64 and her husband, Bob, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at Enzo in Billings.  Ginny is a retired teacher and Bob worked in sales for Xerox and Texaco.  They have two children and four grandchildren.
Melvin Melius '84 and his spouse, Karen, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with friends and family at the Petroleum Club in Billings.  They have four children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Jule Walker '85 was chosen as recipient of the prestigious 2013 G.V. Erickson Award.  The award is given to a member of the School Administrators of Montana who has made the greatest contribution to the betterment of education in Montana.  Jule is superintendent of Plevna Schools.


Vance Lorenz '88 has been promoted to vice president of information technology at Altana Federal Credit Union in Billings.  He served in the Navy for 10 years as a data systems technician before joining Altana in 2003.


Melody Dobson '90 is self-employed at Baseline Communications in Billings and works on community collaborated projects.  She  served as co-national signature event coordinator for the Lewis & Clark National Bicentennial held at Pompey's Pillar in 2006.  She has enjoyed raising her four children in the Billings area.

Peg Guhn '94 of Billings has joined Real Estate by Hamwey as a realtor.  It's a new career move for Peg, but she has previous experience in handling real estate transactions.


Susan MacIntyre '97 is the new PACT clinical coordinator with the Mental Health Center in Billings.  She was formerly an instructor at Montana Tech in Butte and earned her master's degree from Walla Walla University.


Angela Matta '04, LCSW, LAC has opened her own counseling center in Billings at 2915 Grand Avenue.  She was previously with Yellowstone Counseling Center.


Cody Brockel '10 has joined First Interstate Bank in Billings as a marketing specialist.  He has been working in the operations division of the bank for the past two years.


Abigail Bumgarner '11 has been hired by Summers McNea and Co. in Billings as an accountant.  She was an intern during the 2012 tax season and is also involved with the local Volunteer Income Tax Association.


Katie Joy Schlegel '13 is executive assistant to the CEO for Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.  She previously worked for Future SYNC International.



Kalli Stanhope '12 to Jeffrey Allen '10, 9/28/2013
Rhonda Heidner '90 to Larry Hanson, 9/28/2013
Rebecca Visser '13 to Michael Klang, 9/28/2013
Aimee Ost '13 to Shawn Kloeckner, 9/28/2013
Jennifer Stone '13 to Tristyn Shaw, 9/28/2013
Jessica Fallang '10 to Travis Stiles, 9/28/2013
Zachary Gregoire '13 to Jaimee Gregoire, 10/2013
Jessica Vandersloot '13 to Eric Grice, 10/2013
Jennifer  Suko '06 to Chad Hooker, 10/2013
Julie Murray '09 to Sean Lake, 10/2013
Francis Odermann '00 to Aimee Andren Gerharter, 10/2013
Sarah Mollett '11 to Charles Staus, 10/2013
Jade Freiboth '10 to Justin Jagers, 10/1/2013
Sarah McDonald '13 to Devon Casper, 10/4/2013
Gaye Leahy '00 to Donald McNeil, 10/8/2013
Lindsay Peterson '12 to Brent Bell, 10/12/2013
Megen Blevins '12 to David Weber, 10/26/2013
Adrienne Ehresmann '01 to Luke Qualm, 11/13
Richard Palmersheim '90 to Milinda  Mogen, 11/2013
Angela Frickle '06 to Scott Rosenthal, 11/2013
Heidi Leritz '12 to Christopher Molen ,11/2/2013
Malissa  Archambault '13 to Darrell Mesplie, 11/7/2013
Nicole Benzel '98 to Trevor Ehrmantraut, 11/26/2013
Shanna Cook '06 to Logan O'Brien, 11/27/2013
Amy Marcotte  '11 to David Stordahl, 12/21/2013
Ginny Davidson '13 to Jonathan Alegria, 12/28/2013



Dorothy Hess Fransen '34, 10/1/2013
Calvin Iron '77, 10/3/2013
Lois Crandall Markegard '39, 10/5/2013
Mabel Purcell Prescott '77, 10/6/2013
Tamara Feldner Harris '70, 10/9/2013
Chris Comesup '97, 10/17/2013
Billie Wray '75, 10/22/2013
Denise Kuki '06, 10/25/2013
Robert Deming '52, 10/26/2013
Orval Gangstad '90, 10/26/2013
Lucille Kimball VanHemelryck '50, 10/27/2013
Merle Hudson '75, 11/2/2013
Morris Rogers '66, 11/4/2013
Gary Geiger '75, 11/8/2013
Ethel Mann McSweyn '42, 11/9/2013
Robert Moran '71, 11/10/2013
Kathleen Horton Abrams '44, 11/13/2013
Richard Frickel '78, 11/18/2013
Helen Listerud McCabe '53, 11/18/2013
Darrell Kipp '70, 11/21/2013
Emil Ponich '57, 11/26/2013
Mildred Norager Fry '47, 11/28/2013
Mike Rued '91, 12/3/2013
Thomas Townsend '81, 12/3/2013
Laurella Shafer '78, 12/5/2013
Martha Wilson Van Valkenburgh '64, 12/7/2013
Shirley Wright Spildie '52, 12/10/2013
Carol Gorton Smith '72, 12/11/2013
Gladys Bemer Mock '50, 12/15/2013
Beverly Fox Hicks '85, 12/16/2013
Robert Hansen '69, 12/17/2013
Marie Christensen Flick '66, 12/19/2013
James Cox '91, 12/22/2013
Shirley Leppanen '85, 12/24/2013
Kristy Gervin '96, 12/26/2013
Beverly Bermes Swanson '70, 12/27/2013
Glenn Fairbank '64, 12/31/2013
Lisa Frank '91, 12/31/2013



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