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Class Notes Fall 2012

Brian Ban '76, his wife Tana and their two sons, Zeth and Nick, design, build and remodel homes in the Billings area.  Ban Construction received the 2012 People's Choice award for a Parade of Homes home they built in Billings.  Brian is a graduate of the former Billings Vo-Tech which merged into the College of Technology and was recently renamed City College.
Joan Hendricks '80 had her first story “Mae's Street” published in the December 2012 edition of the Saturday Evening Post.  Joan is philanthropic advisor to the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation in Billings and is active in Billings Studio Theatre.


Lori Russell-Chapin '81, Professor of Education at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois was the recent recipient of the Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award.  This award recognizes outstanding achievements in research and creativity by a senior faculty member. Recipients are expected to make original contributions to their field and submit these contributions for critical appraisal by their professional peers.  Russell-Chapin has authored an important textbook that confirms her national reputation as a researcher and leader in the area of supervision in counselor education. It is considered state of the art and has garnered wide acclaim in the field of counselor education. Additionally, she has published in a wide range of journals including top counseling journals in Britain and Canada. She has made impressive contributions in the field of neurofeedback, where her research on an innovative approach for children with ADHD offers promising treatment. She also has created the cutting-edge Center for Collaborative Brain Research that makes a needed contribution to the profession of counseling and other helping professions.


Linda Fasching '83 and her husband, Dale, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a celebration at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Billings followed by a family gathering at the Hilands Golf Club.  Linda is a private voice teacher and sang for many years with the Billings Symphony and directed St. Patrick's church choir for ten years.  They have four children and three grandchildren.


Rilla Hardgrove '85 and her husband, Bob, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at the Windmill Restaurant in Billings.  Rilla is a retired elementary principal and Bob is retired from Lucent Technology.  They have four children and eight grandchildren.


Peg Furshong '95 and her husband Steven Petrich adopted three children this year; Amoreena, 8 years old; Jesse, 6 years old; and Angelina, 5 years old.  Peg is the associate director with CURE, Clean Up the River Environment, an organization that advocates for clean water and energy in the Minnesota River Valley from St. Paul to Ortonville.


Ruth French '00 is employed by Associated Employers of Billings as director of AE Health Trust Operations.  She was with Associated Employers for five years then worked at MSU Billings as assistant human resources director before returning to Associated Employers.  She will be monitoring participation in the AE group benefit plan, communicating with trust members and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.


Mac Leffler '02 of Mac Leffler Construction in Billings built a home showcased in this year's Parade of Homes and also featured in the November 2012 issue of Yellowstone Valley Woman.  He has an eye for detail and is a hands-on contractor who works closely with the homeowner to create quality residential construction.

Jocelyn Hemming '06 has been with Western Security Bank since 2004 and was recently promoted to customer service manager at the Lockwood branch.


Blaine Jensen '07 of Billings is the cash management sales manager for First Interstate Bank.  He travels throughout Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota giving fraud prevention seminars to over 1500 businesses.  Blaine previously worked in broadcast television and news media for more than a decade.


Michael Woods '12 has been hired as an independent living specialist with Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow in Billings.  He will be responsible for advocating and delivering the core services of independent living, skills training, peer counseling, information and referral services and individual and systems advocacy.



Emily Fahrenbruck '12 to Levi Heller, 10/20/2012
Tawny Picard '12 to Jayson Love, 10/20/2012
Amy Muir '06 to Jacob Wiggs, 10/20/2012
Nicole Hoagland '09 to Tyrel Zinda, 10/24/2012
Diane Lillethun '99 to John Matteis, 10/26/2012
Reilly Shelton '12 to Seth Larson, 11/2012
Heather Wall '05 to Troy Kelly, 11/23/2012



Joseph LaBrie '79, 10/4/2012
Larry Anderson '59, 10/7/2012
Melanie Frank '91, 10/8/2012
Mary Weinschrott Muth '32, 10/10/2012
Bernard Kreutzer '75, 10/12/2012
Caren Smith Tucker '74, 10/12/2012
Hideo Ikeda '70, 10/13/2012
Beverly Johnson Schafer '83, 10/16/2012
Alena McKellips Chestnut '39, 10/19/2012
Margret McKelvey Cole '28, 10/19/2012
Edward Knebel '70, 10/25/2012
Lonna Sutherland Wilson '70, 10/25/2012
Barbara Zilz Smith '65, 10/26/2012
Betty Zier Sparling '67, 10/26/2012
Glenda Roose Leigh '76, 10/28/2012
B. Ted Bigart '92, 10/29/2012
Gail Anderson Eberhardt '58, 10/29/2012
Douglas Norwick '75, 10/29/2012
Marguerite Roberts Colgrove '42, 11/1/2012
Lela DeWitt '76, 11/3/2012
Robert Aagard '62, 11/9/2012
Beverly Jordan Flying '81, 11/11/2012
Susan Paasch Mettler '82, 11/16/2012
Roger Turns Plenty '79, 11/19/2012
Dorothy Clement Reiner '37, 11/21/2012
Kenneth Wahl '62, 11/21/2012
Greg Vanberg '70, 11/24/2012
Jenae Christensen '98, 11/26/2012
Joan Braley Selvidge '52, 11/26/2012
Adaline Siegle Tallman '57, 11/27/2012
Sharon Brothers '82, 12/7/2012
Vera Greenslate Langner '68, 12/8/2012
Rosemary Wilcynski '63, 12/9/2012
Mary Peterson Devlin '58, 12/11/2012
Barbara Chinske Bickle '76, 12/14/2012
Larry Schaak '78, 12/15/2012
Linda Thomas Nicholas '64, 12/16/2012
Suzanne Dorsey '78, 12/17/2012
Marion Nord Buflod '70, 12/19/2012
Emelda LaMotte Dooks '78, 12/21/2012



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