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Class Notes Fall 2011

Violet Van Sickle '71 and her husband, Harry, recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with a family dinner.  Vi retired in 1989 from the Billings public school system and Harry retired in 1995 from Newton Manufacturing.  They have three children, ten grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.


Bob Miller '76 and his spouse, Pat, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an open house at the Sanders gymnasium.  Bob is a retired principal and Pat works with the elderly in Hysham.  They have five children, 12 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.


Sandra West '79 and her husband, Tom, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Alaska and a family dinner at their daughter's home in Billings.  Sandra is a retired pediatric nurse and Tom retired from the State Highway Department.  They have four children and eight grand-children.


Jeanne Judson '90 and her husband, Lee, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner planned by their children.  Jeanne taught for the Billings school district and Lee was a general contractor with K-Designers.  They have three children and four grand-children.


Patti Yonts '92 was recently hired as the adult services director at STEP, Inc. in Billings. She previously did development work for the Montana Rescue Mission.


Tim Urbaniak '99 who teaches in the drafting and design technology program at the Montana State University Billings College of Technology, has been appointed by Gov. Brian Schweitzer to serve as a representative on the State Historic Preservation Review Board.


Meri McGlone '01 has been promoted to commercial loan account representative at First Interstate Bank in Billings.  She will be responsible for developing and servicing commercial real estate loans and supporting customers' banking needs.  Meri has 12 years of banking experience and a degree in finance and economics.


Jason Mahoney '02 is the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at Saint Vincent Healthcare in Billings.  He joined the SVH team in 2008 as the Trauma Outreach and Injury Prevention Coordinator and in 2009 took over coordination of the SVH emergency response team. He has completed extensive training to become a Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator.


Russell Rice '04 was promoted to senior associate at Eide Bailly a regional certified public accounting firm in Billings.


Amanda Goertz '08 was promoted to senior associate at Eide Bailly a regional certified public accounting firm in Billings.

Kayleen Masters '08 was promoted to senior associate at Eide Bailly a regional certified public accounting firm in Billings.


Todd Nevin '08, a geography teacher at Castle Rock Middle School in Billings, was the recipient of the Veterans of Foreign Wars award for his work sending care packages to troops overseas and raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. 


Katie Hill '09 is teaching first grade for Citrus County School District in Inverness, Florida.


Zach Zimmer '09 is a personal banker at Rocky Mountain Bank in Billings.  He was previously with Wells Fargo Bank.


Jade Freiboth '10 has been hired as a prevention specialist at the Mental Health Center in Billings.  She will be working closely with law enforcement and government officials on youth alcohol use and prevention.


Derek Miller '10 has been promoted to consumer loan officer at Stockman Bank in Billings Heights.  He has been with the bank since 2007.  Derek is a youth leader with AWANA Club and also volunteers with other service organizations in the community.




Cheltsie Jones '10 to Aaron Williams, 9/23/2011
Deann Tofte '94 to Lorin Cates, 9/24/2011
James  Hopkins '09 to Brittni Anderson, 9/24/2011
Jillian Henry '09 to Jesse Stensvad, 9/24/2011
Haven Westerman '02 to William Stuart, 9/24/2011
Megan Legare '06 to Jaime Ruiz, 10/1/2011
Heather Blome '10 to Benjamin Sloan '09, 10/1/2011
Jacee Martin '08 to Jeffrey Krueger, 10/3/2011
Clarice Branger '69 to James Southworth, 10/3/2011
Danielle Lang '09 to Kace Dekylen, 10/8/2011
Dina Stachlowski '93 to John Emmert, 10/8/2011
Peggy Visser '07 to Kim Mathiason, 10/8/2011
Jaimie Richardson '08 to Trent White, 10/8/2011
Lisa Barron '08 to Charles Shaw, 10/22/2011
Krista Muus '07 to Jarred Shaw, 10/27/2011
Elizabeth Rembold '11 to Derek Curry, 10/29/2011
Jade  Binder '11 to Mandi Hicks, 11/11/2011
Jennifer  Henman '06 to William Gibson, 11/11/2011
Sandy Newhouse Wong '83 to Scott Wilm, 11/11/2011  
Richard  Stumvoll '00 to Amy Stumvoll, 12/2011
Erin Jensvold '10 to Mark Walters, 12/6/2011
Bethanie Keim '10 to Nicholas Knight, 12/12/2011
Amanda Haselhuhn '04 to Cole Clark, 12/17/2011



Harriet Cole '36, 9/5/2011
Lori Alles Grusing '85, 9/6/2011
Warren George '02, 9/17/2011
Betty Murray Fenton '84, 9/20/2011
Borghilde Rolseth MacDonald '41, 9/25/2011
Donald Annalora '67, 9/27/2011
Edward Badura '71, 9/27/2011
William Carrico '49, 9/27/2011
Sidney Bitney '76, 9/28/2011
V. Carrington Chapman '36, 9/29/2011
Susan Hagler '72, 10/1/2011
Raymond Streeter '59, 10/1/2011
Arniel Rossland '92, 10/3/2011
Delores Pederson '55, 10/6/2011
Rex Welton '39, 10/6/2011
Iva Morton Davis '40, 10/8/2011
Ethel Knudson Andersen '68, 10/9/2011
Kermit Fladland '80, 10/11/2011
Robert Halverson '57, 10/22/2011
Alice Snodgrass-Huller '72, 10/23/2011
LeVonne Ahtone French '76, 10/29/2011
Raymond Chandler '76, 10/31/2011
Eleanor Logan Borgen '39, 11/4/2011
Lonnie Zielie '90, 11/7/2011
Sam Friesz '52, 11/9/2011
Frances Knight Jones '69, 11/10/2011
Peter Giovetti '85, 11/16/2011
Mabel Grafel '34 11/17/2011
Joanne Carlson Madden '84, 11/21/2011
Terrance Salinas '93, 11/24/2011
Clifford Herbert '76, 11/25/2011
Helena Heider '36, 11/26/2011
James Stroeher '47, 11/26/2011
Minnie Skinner Wall '59, 11/26/2011
Irena Kudzia Jordan '50, 11/27/2011
Ann Chadwick Bates '04, 11/30/2011
Johnana Snell Yarlott '90, 12/1/2011
Gloria Favero Repac '76, 12/3/2011
Virginia Ulschak-Lutz '64, 12/4/2011
Vicki Annalora '91, 12/5/2011
Margaret Movius Felt '77, 12/7/2011
C. Crabtree Rapstad '61, 12/10/2011
Dennis Warren '71, 12/12/2011
Paul O'Dea '70, 12/ 13/2011
Violet Hugs '78, 12/15/2011



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