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Class Notes Fall 2010

Margret McKelvey Cole '28 recently celebrated her 100th birthday with a reception at St. Bernard's Parish in Billings.


Donald Bender '62 and his wife, Madeline, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a weekend of dining and theater in Chicago and a trip to Italy.  Don is a retired school teacher and Madeline retired from the post office.  They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Ramona Real Bird '67 and her husband, Chuck, have been named Parents of the Year by the National Indian education Association.  They are both retired educators and parents of three college graduates.  They established parent committees in schools, raised money to buy band instruments for students and established language and cultural programs to pass on the Crow heritage to the next generation.


Leonard Redding '70 worked in Public affairs for ten years, taught college level government, and then spent 20 plus years in the ministry.  Len is the pastor at Fairview Baptist Church at Ballard, MO and says he has no time to retire!


Paul Matovich '74 was recognized by the Career Guidance Center in Billings as an Outstanding Employee of People with Disabilities.  Paul owns the IGA in Columbus, Mont.

William Snell '91 was appointed by Gov. Brian Schweitzer to the Public Safety Officer Standards and Training Council.  Bill is a cultural consultant on mental health issues with the Pretty Shield Foundation.


Jeff Gentry '86 was named the Greg Kunz Endowed Chair in Communications at Rogers State University, Broken Arrow, OK in September 2010.

Gregory Fox '87 and his spouse, Tracy, are helping to restore and preserve the iconic Yellowstone Park buses of 1919-1939.   Their home is in Red Lodge, Montana.


Sue Tombrink '90, a realtor with RE/MAX of Billings, was recently presented with the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award which honors successful agents who have earned more than $1 million in commissions during their careers with the company.

Scotta Anderson '91 has joined RE/MAX in Billings as a realtor.  She specializes in new construction, HUD homes, and multi-family and residential homes.

Tom Schwab '95 runs a thriving Fish Window Cleaning franchise in Billings.  The business provides window cleaning for commercial and residential customers. Before opening the business, Schwab worked for Farmer Brothers Coffee and Alphagrahics.

Miles Babcock '99 is a CADD technician with the engineering firm of Kadrmas Lee & Jackson in Billings.


Kelly Duray '99 is vice president of real estate loans at Western Security Bank in Billings.  She has been with the bank for eight years.

Scott Hatler '00, wealth adviser at First Interstate Wealth Management in Billings, has earned the title CFP, Certified Financial Planner, in accordance with board certification and renewal requirements.  He has successfully met the experience and ethical requirements of the CFP board and has successfully completed the financial planning coursework and passed the examination.


Rachel Harp '01 has joined Century 21 Hometown Brokers of Billings as a realtor.

Lenette Kosovich '02 is the director of MiCare, LLC, an onsite clinic product of Employee Benefit Management Systems in Billings.  As a registered nurse she will be responsible for the current management of five existing employer based primary care clinics as well as the development of new clinic sites.


Shelley Pierce '02 is the new member investor coordinator at Big Sky Economic Development in Billings. She has extensive experience in membership development and event management and previously worked for Cellular Plus and the Billings Chamber of Commerce.


Vicki Davison '03 of Billings has been named Rocky Mountain College's director of major gifts.  She was previously Rocky's alumni relations and annual fund director.


Jessica Van Tighem '03 recently earned her National Board Certification in the field of Generalist - Middle Childhood.  She teaches fourth grade at Woodrow Wilson Elementary, part of the Kannapolis School District in North Carolina.

Darrell Bell '05 has been nominated by President Barack Obama for U.S. Marshal of the Montana District.  Bell spent more than 30 years with the Billings Police Department and retired as deputy chief in 2005.  Since then he has been an investigator with the state Department of Justice's Gambling Investigation Bureau.  As U.S. Marshal his duties will include the tracking down and capturing of fugitives on a statewide level, managing a staff of two dozen people and working with local and state agencies.

Kaci Hayes-Brownell '06 has been promoted to assistant vice president in the loan department at Rocky Mountain Bank in Billings.  She will coordinate the bank's efforts regarding the Home Mortgage Disclosure and the Community Reinvestment acts.  In addition to her degree from MSUB Kaci has completed professional training programs in appraisal review and loan monitoring through the Montana Bankers Association.


Bonnie Ramage '06 is the retail advertising manager at the Billings Gazette.  She has been with the Gazette since 2006 and has experience in print and online advertising sales.


Laura Rookhuizen '07 was promoted to wellness manager at Employee Benefit Management Services in Billings.  She will oversee the operations of the EBMS wellness program which implements corporate wellness initiatives at the organizational level.

Andrea Kenney '08 is the director of administrative services for the community based services and Garfield community building for Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch in Billings.  She has been with YBGR since 2000 and has held several positions within the organization.



Kim Hatfield '94 to Martin Webb '90, 10/2010
Andrew Racki '06 to Sarah Schillinger, 10/2010
Jetton Meadors '09 to Kyle Ailes '09, 10/2/2010
Carla Grundhauser '00 to Jeremy Castro, 10/9/2010
Laury Parkhurst '09 to Jay Harris, 10/9/2010
Audrey Saide '96 to Rodney Kimmet, 10/10/2010
Patricia Cremer '88 to David Morton, 10/10/2010
Brittany Bakken '00 to Daniel Perkins, 10/10/2010
Tina Rafaell '98 to David Young, 10/10/2010
Margaret Lakel '89 to Gorvan LeDuc, 10/15/2010
Karrie Erickson '05 to Gary Owen, 10/16/2010
Emily Stewart '07 to Andrew Stapleton, 10/16/2010
Catherine Gregori '03 to Kyle Myrick, 10/23/2010
Megan MacKenzie '10 to Bryce Burton, 10/29/2010
Nicole Salsbery '08 to Bret Jemming, 11/2010
Jean Frey '85 to Timothy Downey, 12/2010
Carol Truchot '95 to Richard Truchot, 12/2010
Jessica Hagemeister '09 to John-Robert Finley, 1/2011



Doris Shepherd Berg '59, 9/21/2010
David Clapham '82, 9/24/2010
Rose Mendoza '73, 9/27/2010
Olga Sos Moyer '35, 10/1/2010
Patricia Lester '57, 10/5/2010
Barbara Wolverton-Bates '78, 10/5/2010
Eldon Hanson '63, 10/9/2010
Tina Burnett DeBuff '96, 10/20/2010
James Steadman '82, 10/27/2010
Wendy Condit Esponda '83, 11/2/2010
Byron Corcoran '72, 11/12/2010
Keith Larsen '77, 11/15/2010
Ronald Grand '52, 11/16/2010
Earlene Cooley Davis '53, 11/17/2010
Jean Vaughan Wagner '57, 11/21/2010
Mark Enger '78, 11/22/2010
George Pfaff '60, 11/27/2010
Josephine Goodman '63, 12/2010
Olive Croy Bauman '34, 12/2/2010
Patricia Brown Stanchfield '87, 12/6/2010
Ellen Burnside '70, 12/8/2010
James Eden '81, 12/10/2010
Blanche Gray Syverson '60, 12/11/2010
Constance Phillips Beede '70, 12/12/2010
Gerald Sheehan '64, 12/14/2010
Harley Spotted Bull '80, 12/14/2010
Carolyn Westvelt '37, 12/17/2010
Emma Kostoryz '37, 12/18/2010
Reginald Lawrence '01, 12/19/2010
George Potter '71, 12/19/2010
Diana Gonzales Yager '00, 12/20/2010
Geraldine Wolfe Bakich '69, 12/24/2010
Wayne Willis '54, 12/24/2010
Marciano Castro '89, 12/31/2010
Grace Muller Meyers '37, 1/1/2011
Steven Bakker '73, 1/5/2011
Kathyrn Godbout Schmidt '72, 1/6/2011
Sharon Daniels Hofferber '70, 1/7/2011
James Lynch '81, 1/8/2011
Elizabeth Bloom Mitchell '72, 1/15/2011
Stella Larson Wolhowe '67, 1/16/2011
Frances Schwartz '75, 1/17/2011
William Sorg '56, 1/17/2011
James Hurst '75, 1/19/2011
Matt Warner '85, 1/22/2011
Gay Lantis Ullerich '84, 1/25/2011
Kenneth Cloud '84, 1/26/2011
Margaret Hughes Pepper '68, 1/26/2011
Patricia McBride Witke '95, 1/31/2011
Timothy Williams '07, 2/1/2011
Alta Clark '37, 2/5/2011



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