MSU Billings Alumni Relations

Class Notes Winter 2009

Patricia Balich Southern '53 and Robert Southern '53 recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary with a dinner and renewal of vows at Heights Trinity Baptist Church in Billings. Both are retired teachers and have three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Geri Schilreff Stilson '54 and her husband Joe recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


Pamela Briggs '72 has been promoted to operations officer for all three Stockman Bank Billings locations. She joined Stockman Bank in 2001 handling operations issues for the Billings market. Pamela has experience in banking operations, audit compliance, personnel and trust.


Bina Collins '73 and her husband, Ray, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at the Windmill Restaurant in Billings. Bina is a retired elementary librarian and Ray was an educator and principal. They have two children and six grandchildren.


Kathy Olson '76 was the recipient of the Adrian Langstaff Award from the Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals. Kathy has been recognized as a leader in her community, school and state. She is the executive director of elementary education at Billings School District 2.


Donna Smith '76 has earned the photographic craftsman degree from Professional Photographers of America. She is a partner in Tony Smith Photography in Billings.


Drew Van Fossen '78 is the director of communications and design at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. He is in charge of media relations, marketing, college publications, a monthly television show and the general image and identity of the college. Drew was previously director of virtual communications at Touch America and also served a stint as editor of the Montana Standard in Butte and as editor of design and graphics at the Missoulian in Missoula.


Todd Nutting '80 has been named branch manager for the Billings office of Morrison-Maierle Systems Corp. He has more than 12 years experience in the computer technology field and is a CompT1A A+ Certified Professional and Novel Netware certified administrator.


Peter Grass '81 was recently elected to a two-year term on the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America's board of directors. Peter is a certified golf course superintendent at Hilands Golf Club in Billings.


Charl Sanchez '88 was named Wyoming's 2008 Physical Education Teacher of the Year at the elementary level. She teaches at Hobbs Elementary in Cheyenne, WYO. In January 2007 she was named Teacher of the Month by the Cheyenne Rotary Club.


Ron O'Donnell '90 has been named president and CEO of Stockman Asset Management Inc. in Billings. He brings 19 years of financial experience and holds a chartered financial analyst credential through the CFA Institute.


Steve Ketterling '92 has joined Stockman Bank in Billings as portfolio manager. He will be providing investment account management, economic analysis and business development for the bank. Steve is a chartered financial analyst with more than 15 years experience in investment services.


Virginia Niles '92 has earned the accredited buyer representative certification through the National Association of Realtors. She is a realtor with Elite Realty in Billings and is one of the few real estate professionals in Billings to earn this certification.


Heidi Saunders '92 recently joined Stockman Bank in Billings as a human resource officer. Her responsibilities include training, employment relations, administration of benefits, recruitment and legal compliance for 22 bank locations. Heidi is certified as a professional in human resources and has 11 years experience in the field.


Roby Ott '93 is the restaurant manager at HuHot Mongolian Grill in Billings. He returned to Montana from Las Vegas, Nev. and has a marketing degree from MSU Billings.


Kyle Brucker '95 is assistant vice president of information services at KOA headquarters in Billings. He has been with the company for three years and oversees the Kamper Services and KampSight support teams as well as the KOA programming team.


Heather Rumph '97 of Billings has been promoted to unit manager with Lia Sophia a jewelry sales company. Heather has met or exceeded her personal sales and recruiting goals with the company.


Traci Von Schriltz '03 has joined Bonaventure Senior Living Community in Billings as resident service manager. She has over seven years of experience in senior living and holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in health care administration from MSU Billings.


KJ Fauth '04 recently joined Farm Bureau Insurance of Billings as an associate agent.


Janna Huhtala '04 has joined Kinetic Marketing Group of Billings as the traffic manager. She previously worked as the national and major advertising assistant at the Billings Gazette.


Amy Iverson '04 has successfully passed the CPA exam. She works for Galusha, Higgins & Galusha PC in Billings and is involved in tax preparation, audits and reviews.


Jimi Lou Gregg '06 has been promoted to consumer loan officer at the Stockman Bank Shiloh location in Billings. She will be developing and servicing consumer customer relationships and assisting clients with their financial needs. Jimi Lou has six and a half years of customer service and loan experience.


Emily Perleberg '07 was recently promoted to marketing officer at Stockman Bank in Billings. She began as a teller in Miles City in 2004 and is now responsible for marketing strategies, advertising, public relations, sponsorships and events for the Conrad, Cut Bank, Havre, Sidney, Plentywood, Glendive, Richey, Wibaux and Terry Stockman Bank branches.



Nicole Sekora ‘07 to Joshua Balster, 8/8/2008
Kristin Costello ‘07 to Ryan Truscott, 8/8/2008
Brooke Lewis ‘03 to David Capser, 8/9/2008
Mandi Aus ‘07 to Dustin Neely, 8/9/2008
Lori Heth ‘93 to David Elliott, 8/15/2008
Chandra Porter ‘01 to Robert Perez, 8/16/2008
Nicole Hitt 06 to Orlando Dolan, 8/22/2008
Emily Waltari ‘07 to Chad Strecker, 8/30/2008
Ashli Andersen ‘07 to James Carlson, 9/2008
Danielle Koppinger ‘05 to Jeremy Rossow, 9/2008
Erin Butler ‘07 to David Ducharme, 9/6/2008
Monica Mueller ‘07 to Matthew Sharbono, 9/6/2008
Angel Zimmerman ‘93 to Devin Zickefoose, 9/13/2008
Julia Charpentier ‘06 to Jason Koehn, 9/20/2008
Nicole Taylor ‘08 to Cory Neal, 9/20/2008
Jessica Craig ‘08 to Dale Nibbe, 9/20/2008
Leila Farnum ‘53 to Donald Seibert, 9/21/2008
Holly Brester ‘06 to Jason Anderson ’05, 10/2008
Kelly Wilks ‘08 to Kurt Coder, 10/4/2008
Annaliese Tschida ‘05 to Brandon Gibbs, 10/4/2008
Katie Erickson ‘01 to Jeremiah Hartman, 10/11/2008
Sarah Rager ‘06 to Christopher Reynolds,10/11/2008
Crystal Major ‘03 to Justin Ostermiller, 10/17/2008
Blake Moffet ‘87 to Carrie Fry, 10/18/08
Ashley Webb ‘08 to Robert Orednick, 10/25/2008
Lugene Van Sickle ‘78 to Daniel Turcotte, 10/25/2008
Kelle Korell ‘03 to Chris Williams, 11/2008
Anne Oie Nelson ‘98 to Scott Nelson, 11/15/2008
Elizabeth Swann ‘06 to Cory Seilstad, 11/22/2008
Chelsey Borchardt-Maxwell ‘08 to William Welflen, 11/25/2008
Kathryn Ahrens ‘07 to Patrick Chadwick, 12/2008
Lisa McDonald ‘00 to Dirk Shulund, 12/2008
Holly Peters ‘03 to Andrew Demarest, 12/14/2008
Sara Shaffer ‘09 to Nicholas Chavez, 12/27/2008
Jennifer Haan ‘02 to Stephen Paterson, 12/27/2008
Talina Tombre ‘06 to Robert Schwab, 12/27/2008
Bridgett Welch ‘08 to Mitchell Lawson, 12/31/2008
Daryl Fendrick ‘76 to Alexandra Umrikhin, 1/2009
Joe Simanton ‘98 to Julie Tarmann, 1/2009
Lisa Deleon ‘85 to Leonard Romero, 1/3/2009
Christian Moungsiharat ‘07 to Duane Borer ’07, 2/2/2009
Angela Schanz ‘99 to Wade Rose, 2/14/2009
Alicia Cazemier ‘08 to Jacob Schreibeis, 2/21/2009


Doris Gram Dahlman 1937, 9/3/2008
Loretta Rosh 1972, 9/4/2008
Sharon Beauchamp 1983, 9/6/2008
Gary Reynolds 1964, 9/6/2008
Bruce Zinne 1966, 9/11/2008
Eileen Cox Jones 1960, 9/12/2008
Phyllis Kaiser Smith 1971, 9/14/2008
Helen Holt McCann 1935, 9/16/2008
Cheedle Millard 1969, 9/16/2008
Michael Slattery 1992, 9/19/2008
Pemmer Halvorsen 1983, 9/20/2008
John Lamers 1939, 9/22/2008
Evelyn Kelnhofer 1939, 9/23/2008
Susan Smith Seitz 1971, 9/26/2008
Theresa Althoff Dahlstrom 1970, 9/27/2008
George Harrison 1937, 9/27/2008
Edith Rogers Salveson 1937, 10/1/2008
Kathryn Peterson Siblerud 1940, 10/2/2008
Lenore Klos Crutsinger 1953, 10/6/2008
Robert Sindelar 1958, 10/6/2008
John Hopp 1987, 10/9/2008
Lois Engel 1951, 10/10/2008
Theodore Guenthner 1995, 10/15/2008
Audrey Singer Vail 1941, 10/15/2008
Elva McCartney Proulx 1980, 10/18/2008
Betty Hruska Anderson 1971, 10/21/2008
Mary Jewell Schye 1938, 10/21/2008
Bruce Erickson 1999, 10/23/2008
Cynthia Way Lambrecht 1969, 10/29/2008
Mildred Combs Smith 1956, 10/30/2008
Barbara Ross Rookhuizen 1950, 11/1/2008
Marjorie Long Thomas 1971, 11/3/2008
Michael Farnes 1972, 11/4/2008
Karen Peterson 1997, 11/4/2008
Irene Pollock Waples 1942, 11/8/2008
Guy Southward 1978, 11/12/2008
Richard Graeber 1995, 11/18/2008
Eugenia Smith Munn 1966, 11/22/2008
Kim Cleasby Beeler 1976, 11/23/2008
Michael Butler 1966, 11/23/2008
Charleen Wise Erickson 1991, 11/23/2008
Karin Hasselstrom King 1991, 11/23/2008
Janet Higgins 1935, 11/29/2008
Viola VanDersnick Grotbo 1938, 12/15/2008
Dwayne Marks 1988, 12/15/2008
Marie Borberg Miller 1934, 12/16/2008
Ruthanna Brittain 1975, 12/19/2008
David Himsl 1979, 12/20/2008
John Lake 1972, 12/20/2008
Jesse Eaton 1973, 12/23/2008
Lucille Haker Malcott 1938, 12/24/2008
Floramae Croghan Saltmarsh 1967, 12/26/2008
Norah Connelley Williamson 1950, 12/26/2008
Charles Rohrer 1957, 12/28/2008
John Kosich 1964, 12/31/2008
Dorothy Herman Martin 1962, 12/31/2008
Alice Murphy Hamman 1968, 1/9/2009
Marjorie Christian 1978, 1/10/2009
Charmaine Volz Cantwell 1993, 1/11/2009
Helen Balich Staley 1938, 1/11/2009
Margaret Boyer 1974, 1/13/2009
Donald McFarlin 1990, 1/15/2009
Thomas Kilpatrick 1951, 1/18/2009
Gary LaRue 1967, 1/18/2009
Gwendolyn Benson Nottingham, 1/18/2009
Cheryl Morse McCoul 2003, 1/20/2009
Dorothy Wichem Benson 1952, 1/21/2009
John Connelly 1980, 1/21/2009
Sharon Johnson Hashisaki 1967, 1/22/2009
Donald Jacobson 1967, 1/24/2009
Raymond Oltman 1971, 1/26/2009
Richard Cannon 1982, 1/27/2009
Margaret Sorley 1973, 1/27/2009
Robert Bennett 1981, 1/28/2009
Walter Foster 1971, 1/31/2009
Margaret Sloan Orr 1964, 2/3/2009
Helen Hagerman Hagaman 1940, 2/6/2009
Lawrence Schmitz 1989, 2/12/2009
James Schultz 1967, 2/12/2009
Michael Monaco 1928, 2/13/2009
David Elliott 1982, 2/17/2009
Jean Worden Howlett 1971, 2/22/2009
Barbara Hardie Hansen 1983, 3/5/2009
Dora Leege Howard 1936, 3/15/2009
Dannie Soennichsen 1973, 12/30/2009



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