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What does it mean to be placed on Academic Suspension?

Academic Suspension

Any full-time student who has been on academic probation one semester and who did not make a 2.00 GPA during the last semester is suspended for one semester, excluding the Summer Session. A student who is suspended may, however, attend Montana State University Billings during the Summer Session by meeting the requirements stated below.

Students suspended from Montana State University Billings may register for no more than a total of 16 semester credits during the Summer Session without re-instatement. Students must register for a minimum of nine semester credits after consultation with their advisors, for either one or both Summer Sessions. Students who at the end of Summer Session have earned at least a 2.00 GPA in nine or more semester credits are re-admitted Fall Semester on continued probation. However, students who attend the Summer Session and fail to earn the 2.00 GPA will be suspended for an additional two semesters. 

Students who are reinstated after a period of suspension must submit an application for re-admission to Admissions and Records. Upon re-admission, students are placed on continued probation and must maintain a 2.00 GPA for each successive semester of work and meet any other pertinent conditions imposed by the Committee. Students who do not meet the stipulations set by the Committee incur automatic suspension. Upon action by the Administration, a student may also be suspended for nonacademic reasons. Such a notation will be placed in the student's file.

A student who has been suspended from Montana State University Billings may apply for re-admission after one semester has elapsed. A student who has two or more suspensions is suspended for two semesters. The student may, however, petition the Academic Standards and Scholastic Standing Committee for reinstatement after one semester. 

Exceptions to this regulation may be made for students who provide evidence to the Academic Standards and Scholastic Standing Committee that their reinstatement can be justified. Only extreme cases of extenuating circumstances may be considered by the Committee for re-admitting a student who has been suspended, or if there is evidence that the student has taken some reasonable action to correct the cause(s) for suspension. The student must have approval from his/her major department chairperson before the Academic Standards and Scholastic Committee will consider the student for reinstatement.

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