Registration Guide

  1. Click on the link below to register for the MSU Billings Summer Institute

  2. You will be taken to the My Learning Plan (MLP) Activity Catalog screen. Click on the “MSU Billings Summer Institute 2012” link.

  3. On the next screen, “Conference Info”, choose “View sessions/enroll” under the Actions heading.

  4. Now you will choose conference sessions by time slot. First, click on each time slot beginning with the “Day 1 Welcome Keynote” which will allow you to see and choose “Available Sessions” for that time slot, remember to scroll down the page to see all of the available sessions. Next, enroll in a session by clicking on the select button next to the session you are interested in. If you fail to select a session for each time slot, the MLP will not advance to the next session. If you are not interested in attending a session, please click on the select button indicating that you will not be attending that session.

  5. Once you have selected a session for each time slot, hit the “click to enroll button at the bottom of the “My Selection” column. If any time slot has been left blank, the “Click to Enroll” button will not appear.

  6. Now log in on the “Web Registration” screen. If you do not have an account select “I’m a new user” button to supply contact information and set up your account.

  7. Once you have supplied the requested information, click on the orange “Create an Account” button.

  8. Review information on the “Registration Form” screen. Select the enrollment payment method you prefer and click the orange “Submit Registration” button.

For more information on how to use the My Learning Plan system, click on the “Help” button at the top right hand side of the page or contact the Montana Center for Inclusive Education at (406) 657-2312.

Register Here

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