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Currently-Active Student Organizations

The following list of student organizations are registered as active organizations with MSU Billings.  The status of an organization may change during the course of a year.  New student organizations also form throughout the year.  Please check with the Student Union & Activities Office if a question arises regarding a particular group.  For more information on student organization chartering and annual registration procedures, see Student Affairs Policies & Procedures Handbook, section, Part V. (pg 14)


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"" Academic/Departmental



Accounting Club
To promote and support accounting students and provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that develop their individual skills and abilities; to promote interaction among and between accounting students, COB faculty, and the accounting community; to help students learn about the accounting profession and career opportunities.


American Chemical Society
The objectives of this chapter shall be to afford the opportunity for students of chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.


Biological Sciences Society
To provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their skills in the biological sciences, to expand their mental opportunities in science and to enable them to bridge the gap between academic skills and professional skills.


City College Nursing Club
The purpose of CCNC is: To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care; to provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students; to aid in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life; to promote a positive image of nursing practice; to have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the education process; to influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate; to promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities toward improved health care and the resolution of related social issues; to represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and other organizations; to promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, or economic status; to promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health related organizations; plan and implement the nursing pinning ceremony each semester.


College of Business Student Advisory Board
The purpose of the STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD shall be to (a) keep the College of Business and its programs closely attuned to the needs of current and future students in the State of Montana and the Northwest Region, and (b) assist in ensuring that the programs and activities of the College of Business are productive and of high quality.


Criminal Justice & Sociology Club
The purpose of the Criminal Justice and Sociology Club shall be to promote connections and interaction in both fields of study to all members of the club. The club will focus on providing members with connections in the fields of study through guest speakers, field trips, community work, and fundraisers. The Criminal Justice and Sociology Club provides a forum that allows interested students the opportunity to work closely with faculty and Students who share a similar interest in both Criminal Justice and Sociology to the larger community.


Engineering Society
The purpose of creating the Engineering Society is to gather engineers of all disciplines and guide them to success. Also, to become involved with Engineer professionals within the community for members to find an occupational mentor. Finally, to host events for the community such as “Chicks in Science” to inspire youth within the area.


Graduate School Counseling Club


History Club
Purpose is to promote the study of history; to develop leadership of its members; to promote high standards of scholarship; to provide active service and participation in any campus event or activity whenever possible; and to promote the well-being of Montana State University-Billings at all times.


Jacket Athletic Training Organization
To provide opportunities outside the traditional learning environment in order to gain experience, knowledge, as well as professional growth in the field of Athletic Training.


Math Club
The Math Ed Group exists to provide: professional enhancement, academic support and a social circle for math education students.


Pre-Med Club
This clubs purpose is to serve as a resource to its members and MSUB’s student population regarding current health information and pre-med concerns; to provide outreach to the Billings health community, to provide academic support to its members and to those interested in the Health Sciences; to welcome and facilitate the presentation of health and pre-medical information by guest speakers at MSUB, and to fulfill its stated goals and abide by the policies of Montana State University Billings.




Student Athlete Advisory Council


Student Opportunity Services Activity Club (S.O.S.A.C.)
To strengthen and broaden the social and academic experience of disadvantaged students in Student Opportunity Services, and to connect them with other MSU-Billings students and the campus.


Women and Gender Studies Club
Our mission is to bring inclusive diverse discussions to the campus and students of Montana State University Billings. Gender Studies Club is committed to building a sense of community with other clubs, encourage academic excellence, and raise awareness of gender issues.


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open book Campus Media/Literary

Campus Media/Literary


City College Connection
The purpose of City College Connection will be to build the student and faculty community at the City College through a regular newsletter.


The Rook (Student Literary magazine)
One student literary/art magazine is published per year.  It is student compiled, edited, and published in conjunction with a publishing concern deemed appropriate by the current editorial board.


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globe Cultural



American Indian Business Leaders
To utilize student foundation to stimulate tribal economic growth and stability through an emphasis on maintaining culturally appropriate American Indian Business development.


Black Student Union


Hispanic Club
To promote an understanding of the Spanish language through structured conversation; to  promote further study of Spanish; to promote cultural awareness in regards to the Hispanic world; and to volunteer in community projects.


International Club
The purpose of this club is to develop awareness of international students and their cultures as well as assisting to build relationships between international students and non-international students.


Inter-Tribal Indian Club
To assist Indian students in their adjustment to college life, to promote better scholastic ability through encouragement to other students to attend a college, to foster pride in the racial and cultural heritage of the American Indian and to encourage participation in social activities.  Also to help build a bond with Native American culture and Native community as well as produce an annual Pow Wow.


Saudi Club


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"" Government/Campus Programming

Government/Campus Programming


ASMSU Billings/Student Government
To encourage constructive relationships among the students, the faculty, and the administration; to sup­plement and complement formal education on the MSU-Billings campus; to represent student interests, needs, and welfare within the university campus; to provide for the expression of student opinion and inter­ests to the community at large on issues affecting student life; and to protect the privileges and rights of students.


Jacket Student Ambassadors
The intent of our group is to provide leadership opportunities for Montana State University Billings students connect to the campus through them.  The purpose of the organization is to provide leadership opportunities for Montana State University - Billings’ students and to have available students to help tour and recruit prospective students.  Current students will provide a service to prospective students by giving tours, assisting with designated programs, helping acclimate new students to Montana State University - Billings, and sharing with prospective students their own perspective in college.


Residence Hall Association  (RHA)
To act as the official voice for residence hall students on the MSU-Billings campus, representing resident student concerns to college administrators, and other campus student organizations, and to coordinate residence hall functions and activities.  All students living in the residence halls have the privilege of being an RHA member.  For more information, please go to Room 221 in the Student Union Building.


Student Activities Board
The student activities board serves as a programming organization for planning, entertaining, and/or educational events and programs for student of Montana State University Billings.  The Student Activities Board (SAB) plans the overall programming events for the general student population.  Members of the Board work on a volunteer basis and assist with scheduling artists, working with agents, promotion and marketing of events, event planning and logistics, and more.


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"" Honorary



Sigma Tau Delta-Mu Sigma Chapter
To confer distinction for high achievement in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies in English language and literature.


Psy Chi Honor Society
The purpose of this organization shall be to advance the science of psychology, and to encourage, stimulate and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology.


Phi Theta Kappa
The purpose of Beta Upsilon Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at City College shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of this college.


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"" Performing & Visual Arts

Performing & Visual Arts


Art Students’ League
To provide for the support of students interested in all forms of art and to promote interest in the arts.  To increase art related activities and knowledge for students in this field.  The ASL is the art students’ spokes-group on the campus.


Belly Dancing Club
To provide MSUB students and community members who have an interest in belly dancing the opportunity to participate and practice together as a club. As well as learn from each other and provide the community with the understanding of the art of belly dance.


CLEFS (Community, Leadership, Events, Fundraising, Singing)
The MSUB CLEFS is a student organization supporting the Montana State University Billings Vocal Department through partnering with other organizations on and off campus to provide educational outreach, awareness, and opportunities for involvement in singing, leadership, and fundraising events.


Dance Club


National Association for Music Education Collegiate (NAFME)
To make available to members, opportunities for professional development; to acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession; to provide for its members, opportunities to become acquainted with leaders in the music profession as gained from participation in programs and demonstrations, discussions, and performing groups planned by this chapter, the state music educators association, and the Music Educators National Conference; to assist the school in various projects through the year; and to provide opportunity for contract with CMENC student member of other schools.


Drama Committee
To direct student funds from the Student Senate of MSU-Billings, exclusively for the purposes of producing on-campus theater, and promoting the experience of Drama to the student body and the Billings Community; to serve as an advocate for the performing arts on campus, as well as a visual and auditory medium for the disinclined and silenced community; and to entertain the MSU-Billings student body, as well as to increase social awareness and sensitivity in the campus community.


Northcutt Steele Gallery
The purpose of NSG shall be to encourage the advancement of contemporary art on campus and in the community, to provide support and guidance for the growth of its members towards professionalism, and to promote interest in the arts as well as community outreach. The NSG organizes and sponsors visiting artist programming in conjunction with its exhibition schedule.


Percussion Club
To promote percussion at MSU-Billings and in the Billings community and to promote percussion and supplemental educational activities that fall into the category of percussion.


Potters' Guild
To further promote the advancement of Ceramic technique beyond the classroom procedures and pro­mote professionalism in the field of Ceramics.


Yellowjacket Jazz


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"" Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations


CollegeAge Movement
Collegiate Movement is a ministry of Faith Chapel Foursquare Church, and is a Christian organization seeking to love God and people.


Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
To lead others to personal faith in Christ as Lord and Savior; to help Christians grow toward maturity as disciples of Christ, by study of the Bible, by prayer, and by Christian Fellowship; and to present the call of God to the world mission of the Church; to help students and faculty to discover God’s role for them.


United Campus Ministry
United Campus Ministry strives to provide opportunities that help persons explore their faith, ask questions, work for justice, find support and healing, connect with God and others, and just have fun!


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"" Service



Student Volunteers of MSU Billings
Goals are to provide students with the opportunity to get involved in volunteer work for both the campus and the community and to promote involvement by the students of MSU-Billings in their campus and community.


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"" Special Interest

Special Interest


Anime Club
To discuss anime and anything pertaining to anime as well as plan events and activities


Collegiate 4-H
To provide service to youth on all levels of society, enhance personal development of the member, and to promote and encourage enrollment in the organization.


Environmental Awareness Club


Investment Group


Health Educators Reaching Out Encouraging Success (HEROES)
To provide primary prevention efforts to help alleviate the problem of alcohol misuse and abuse on campus; to promote responsible decisions about drinking within the campus community; to help educate and inform students, faculty, administrators, and staff about health issues that affect the campus community; Including: alcohol use, abuse and misuse, AIDS, Tobacco awareness/cessation, fitness/nutrition and sexual health; to increase awareness communication within the academic community regarding health related matters of college students.


Lacrosse Club


Running Club
The Running Club will strive for the following objectives: to encourage and promote the participation in jogging/running; to provide opportunities for recreational activities and group runs; to provide services required to running/jogging including but not limited to group runs, knowledge of local running areas, facilitate safe running practices.


Meditation Club


OUT at MSU Billings
The purpose of OUT at MSU Billings is to provide information, referral, and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their friends and family; provide education, tolerance, public awareness, and social activities.  QSA Pride aims to assist in the creation and affirmation of positive self-identities, and in the promotion and defense of the human and civil rights of all people.


VICA is intended as a nationally supported avenue for technical, industrial, and health majors to improve their professional and personal skills, knowledge, and abilities.  VICA will facilitate a greater level of learning for its members and improve the standing of involved University students.  VICA will provide educational and competitive opportunities for its members.


Student Council for Exceptional Children (S.C.E.C.)
To advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities and to promote related education and charitable purposes.


Veterans Services Club
The purpose of MSUB Vets will be to unite and organize its membership in  a social framework that provides assistance to the special needs of the military community at MSU Billings.


12 Step
Whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, the 12 Step meeting will always be there. The purpose for this organization is to help those in need somewhere to seek help with addictions of any kind. This impacts the university in a way to enance the lives of the students and encourage student and staff alike to live a life free of restraints due to addictions. This weekly meeting wll be there for anyone who wishes to seek a comfortable and anonymous setting to seek such help.


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