Student Health Services


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is designed to stretch and loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes resulting from exercise or inactivity, and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue. If you are stressed, injured or if tight muscles are creating tension, get a massage!


Make an appointment by contacting Student Health Services. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled time. You’ll complete brief paperwork and pay for the service. We can accept checks and cash only (exact amount is appreciated). The massage therapist will call you in and discuss your individual needs. Please be sure to discuss with the therapist any information that you think might be helpful (e.g., injuries, surgeries, current stressors, medical conditions). Most massages are a blend of many techniques customized for your specific issues.


Your privacy and comfort will be maintained at all times. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, physically or emotionally, please let the massage therapist know so the issue can be resolved immediately.



Appointments available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


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No Show Policy

Student Health Services is implementing a no-show appointment policy for students, faculty, and staff who fail to notify SHS that they are unable to keep their scheduled massage therapy appointment in a timely manner. The purpose of this policy is NOT to serve as a penalty, but rather to educate individuals on the value of this limited supportive resource. If an individual takes responsibility for notifying the Health Service when they are unable to keep their appointment with enough lead time, it frees up this resource for their fellow MSUB community member who would otherwise not be able to access these services.


Individuals will be informed of the policy at the time they make their appointment. The policy will be printed on the Student Health Services appointment cards. This information will also be posted on the Student Health Services website under Massage Therapy information. Finally, the individual will be reminded of the policy when they receive their appointment reminder notification.


If an individual is unable to keep their Student Health Services Massage Therapy appointment, they must call (406) 657-2153 at least 24 hours in advance to cancel (or as soon as possible for appointments made for later the same day) so that other individuals can have access to this limited support resource. Failure to cancel two appointments in the same semester at least 24 hours in advance will result in the individual:

  1. $25.00 fee will be assessed to their student account. 
  2. Being put at the bottom of the waiting list



If no waiting list exists, when the student schedules their next massage therapy appointment it will be at least two (2) weeks from the missed appointment.



$45 hour (about 50 minutes)
$25 ½ hour (about 20 minutes)


Faculty and Staff:
$55 hour (about 50 minutes)
$30 ½ hour (about 20 minutes)

Massage Gift Card Policy

Gift cards for massage therapy are available for sale at Jackets and Company (The Campus Store). The gift cards do not expire unless the service is discontinued at MSU Billings Student Health Services. Massage therapy is available by appointment fall and spring semesters and on a very limited basis in the summer.