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Tobacco-Free MSUB Position

Tobacco-related death is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Each year over 400,000 people die from tobacco-related causes including 50,000 people who have never used tobacco. Negative effects from tobacco use and secondhand smoke are major health issues that we can help change. The primary goals for the Tobacco-Free MSUB initiative are to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke (a known carcinogen) on campus and to aid tobacco users who want to quit with on-campus and off-campus resources.

By signing this petition, you are in favor of a Tobacco-Free MSUB, meaning tobacco products could not be used on common and educational grounds of the university where they affect the health and lives of all the community members exposed.

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(count to date: 317)
Janna Myers (Staff)
Tyler Harris (Student)
Darla Tyler-McSherry (Staff)
Debbie Cook (Student)
Chase Slade (Student)
Erin Lambert (Alumna/Alumnus)
Melissa Taylor (Student)
Brittany Zamora (Quade) (Alumna/Alumnus)
Corinne Schneider (Student)
Tayler Yates (Student)
Marisa Braaten (Student)
Ashley Powell (Student)
Linda Crummett (Staff)
Leah Swedberg (Student)
Matthew Barton (Student)
Macee Shaw (Student)
Kayla Miller (Student)
Triniti Halverson (Student)
Alejandro Munoz (Student)
Kelly Raidiger (Alumna/Alumnus)
Kristie Mallory (Student)
Simon Bierbach (Faculty)
Cheryl Hoover (Staff)
Elizabeth Price (Alumna/Alumnus)
Mikayla Kovash (Student)
Kelsey Brown (Student)
Beau P. Miller (Community Member)
Ashlee Rangitsch (Student)
Bryan Madill Jr (Alumna/Alumnus)
William Wittpenn (Student)
Andrea Beckman (Student)
Danielle Lang (Student)
Kourtney Carter (Student)
Amanda Botnen (Alumna/Alumnus)
Erin Econom (Student)
Jule Gray (Student)
Dalton J. Emig-Wahrman (Student)
corie T (Student)
Codie Wahrman (Alumna/Alumnus)
Alli Webb (Student)
lisa kemmerer (Faculty)
Jackie Alisch (Student)
Joe Wesen (Alumna/Alumnus)
Michael Dennis (Faculty)
Lindsay Stocker (Alumna/Alumnus)
Mat Peterson-Walter (Alumna/Alumnus)
Tammy Mehlhaff (Alumna/Alumnus)
Megan Purcell (Community Member)
Tabatha Elsberry (Alumna/Alumnus)
Brent Montague (Staff)
Kristin Lundgren (Community Member)
Anna Potuzak (Student)
Rebecca Bey (Community Member)
Krista Montague (Staff)
Debbie West (MSUB Parent)
Kodi Harris (Alumna/Alumnus)
Molly Hale (Community Member)
Jennifer King (Student)
Leah Estep (Community Member)
Mark Lambott (Community Member)
Megan Dolezal (Student)
Kathleen M. Burke (Staff)
Rebecca Summers (Staff)
Lynda Hoover (Staff)
Karen Stone (Staff)
Melanie Thompson (Staff)
jack salveson (Student)
Ian MacMurdie (Student)
Johnna Beatty (Student)
Patricia Vettel-Becker (Faculty)
Kristen Wilkins (Faculty)
Scott Forshee (Staff)
Samuel A. Levis (Staff)
Lee Ann Forshee (Alumna/Alumnus)
Adam Davis (Staff)
Robert Schneider (MSUB Parent)
tiffany thomas (Student)
Shirley M. Andersen (Staff)
Cat Grams (Alumna/Alumnus)
Julie Szasz (Student)
Charmayne Hicks (Student)
Elizabeth Doll (Student)
Britni Tenold (Student)
Bonnie Tenold (MSUB Parent)
linda hayes (Student)
James Hayes (Community Member)
Jan Fandrich (Staff)
Eileen Wright (Staff)
Jessica Torgerson-Lundin (Staff)
Carol Jestrab (Staff)
Jennifer Moser (Staff)
Michelle Watson (Staff)
Dan Benge (Staff)
Darlene Hert (Staff)
Lindsay Blackburn (Staff)
Chris Sullivan (Staff)
Rob Rust (Staff)
Megan Thomas (Staff)
TyRee Jenks (Staff)
Dave McSherry (Community Member)
Renae Hepfner (Student)
Kurt Laudicina (Staff)
Rachel Parry (Student)
Cory D. Lovec (Student)
ReAnna Kero (Student)
Cindy McGinnis (Alumna/Alumnus)
Fitzgerald Clark (Community Member)
Gina Herbert (Staff)
Robert Bryson (Student)
Elizabeth White (Student)
Rebecca White (Student)
Erin Reidelbach (Alumna/Alumnus)
Mackenzie Armstrong (Student)
Chelsea Bruget (Student)
Jedrick Schatz (Student)
Ashley Sayler (Student)
Bailey Martin (Student)
Kim Martin (MSUB Parent)
Everett Martin (MSUB Parent)
Leah Campbell (Student)
Kacie J. Vanderloos (Student)
Melanie Bock (Student)
Josh Hemsath (Community Member)
Katie Kirkpatrick (Community Member)
Elle Palaoro (Student)
Sheri Pope (Community Member)
Sarah Jackson (Student)
Carly Campbell (Student)
Mary Campbell (MSUB Parent)
John Campbell (MSUB Parent)
Chris Jackson (Student)
Marissa Jones (Student)
Desja Eagle Tail (Student)
Vanessa Waller (Student)
Jennifer Waller (MSUB Parent)
Harold Waller (MSUB Parent)
Kourtnei Adams (Student)
Heather Demaniow (Student)
Marian Demaniow (MSUB Parent)
Andrew Moorhead (Student)
Mandy Brottem (Staff)
MacKenzie Umemoto (Staff)
Kari Rea (Staff)
Jessica Baker (Staff)
Sara Stromberg (Community Member)
Stephanie Wawrzyniak (Student)
Debra Lawson-Fields (Student)
Chelsey Amini (Student)
Michael La Course (Student)
Rebecca La Course (Student)
Kirtlye Schuman (Staff)
Caroline Stiff (Student)
Bess Lovec (Faculty)
Nik Wong (Student)
Sonja Choriki (Student)
Patti Hellman (Student)
Megan Garza (Student)
Marleigh Senner (Student)
Patricia Hampton (Student)
Barbara Hougardy (Student)
LaRae Kramlick (Student)
Thomas Sullivan (Alumna/Alumnus)
Marka Green (Student)
Nicole Gambill (Student)
Christy Aamold (Faculty)
Janice Ouldhouse (Staff)
Joy Hayworth (Staff)
John Grimstad (Staff)
Jennifer Burns (Staff)
Bill Skov (Staff)
Christine Stephens (Staff)
Darlene Binkoski (Staff)
Evan Slagsvold (Staff)
Steven Peterman (Staff)
Eakle Barfield (Staff)
Ardyce Endresen (Faculty)
Susan Floyd (Faculty)
Valerie Sperry (Staff)
Jennifer Woegens (Staff)
Brenda Williams (Faculty)
Jason Aupied (Staff)
Tim Urbaniak (Faculty)
Susan Gregory (Faculty)
Debbie Brown (Staff)
Vern Gagnon (Faculty)
Betty Erickson (Staff)
Julia McDade (Faculty)
Deborah Peters (Faculty)
John Hoover (Faculty)
Amber Poynter (Staff)
Jeanine Bernhardt (Staff)
Elizabeth Fullon (Faculty)
Charlotte Kobold (Staff)
Susan Baack (Faculty)
Michele McMullen (Faculty)
Louise (Lu) Barman (Staff)
Janet Alberson (Faculty)
Marj Smith (Staff)
Ryan Blomback (Student)
Marisol Jaramillo (Staff)
Erica R.Shea (Faculty)
Matt McMullen (Faculty)
Roy Warner (Staff)
Brooke Snow (Staff)
Kari Foreman (Staff)
Joy Ott (Staff)
Leslie G. Olson (Staff)
Rachael Waller (Faculty)
Judy Chapman (Staff)
Josh Seader (Student)
Tessa Zimmerer (Student)
Alan Christensen (Faculty)
Debra Johnson (Faculty)
tami trottier (Staff)
Laura Tayer (Faculty)
Victoria Lang (Staff)
Whitney Lang (Student)
Catha Keim (Student)
Keith Lang (MSUB Parent)
Peggy Ann Kotar (Alumna/Alumnus)
Kathy Snell (Staff)
Sheri Steiner (Staff)
Susan Rhodes (Staff)
Lea Geraud (Staff)
Terry L. Madtson (Faculty)
Lynne Fitzgerald (Faculty)
Trudy Carey (Staff)
Sona Westerlund (Staff)
Mark Hardt (Faculty)
Stuart Snyder (Faculty)
Matthew Redinger (Faculty)
Frances Hill (Staff)
Kim Schweikert (Staff)
Tony Hecimovic (Faculty)
Janet Thornburg (Staff)
Aaron Murrish (Staff)
Judy Bacon (Faculty)
Terri Elletson (Staff)
Susan Sauers (Staff)
TIM STARNS (Faculty)
Lisa Wallace (Staff)
Jessica Smothers (Staff)
James Friguglietti (Faculty)
Wojciech Krakowiak (Staff)
Dan Funderhide (Staff)
Jeannie Zuidema (Faculty)
Randall Gloege (Faculty)
Stephanie Cowen (Staff)
Rick McIntyre (Faculty)
Nicholas Collins (Staff)
Roy Warner (Staff)
Lisa Skriner (Staff)
Deborah Schaffer (Faculty)
Rachel Schaffer (Faculty)
Jessica Ketola (Student)
Jodi Gilligan (Student)
Amaya Garcia Costas (Faculty)
Robin L. Garland (Alumna/Alumnus)
Rebecca Morgan (Student)
Joanna Weyand (Student)
Randi Anderson (Student)
Krischelle Zwiers (Student)
Stevie-Rae K. Wilkie (Student)
Jean Peterson Walter (Alumna/Alumnus)
Kristine Antwine (Student)
Michelle Larned (Student)
Keith Newell (Student)
Phyllis Hensel (Student)
ertan topcu (Student)
Jeremy Myers (Alumna/Alumnus)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
Rosemarie Dugi (Faculty)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
Rhyan gerwig ()
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-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
Rosemarie Dugi (Faculty)
1 (-1')
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
-1' (1)
1 (-1')
-1' (1)
-1' (1)
1 (1)
1 (1)
1 (1)
1 (1)
1 (1)
1 (-1')
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