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photo of SalamancaLetra Hispánica

With a population of 170,000, Salamanca is a safe and peaceful city. The old city can be traversed from one side to the other in 30 minutes, where you will encounter an open and friendly local population. As Cervantes, who knew the city well, wrote: “Everyone who experiences the peace of Salamanca is enchanted, and must return to her.”

Letra Hispánica is a Spanish Academy offering courses in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture. The courses cover all aspects of the rich tapestry of Hispanic culture and language. All students receive individual attention for their specific needs and requests.

The teaching philosophy is based on the old motto "enseñar deleitando" ("teach so that learning is a delight"). They want every student to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge in the classroom as well as knowledge based on real world experience. That is why it is encouraged to promote personal contact with professors, writers, artists and intellectuals in addition to other students from Salamanca. The genuine regard for Hispanic culture fosters dedication and enthusiasm. Letra  Hispánica is committed to a vision without stereotypes.

The classrooms are located in a modern and spacious building in the heart of Salamanca, a three minute walk from the Main Square, (La Plaza Mayor). The academy is fully equipped with all modern amenities; air conditioning, computer access, broadband and WIFI, multi-media screens and sound devices, and wheelchair access.


Students should take all courses (20 hours a week) in Letra´s scheduled program. Only Volunteerism, Spanish Cinema and Business Spanish are optional courses. All courses are taught in Spanish.


Letra Hispanica provides accommodation in carefully selected families, apartments, residences or shared flats.


Students pay fees set by Letra Hispanica. See website for details.


Process starts ASAP, and costs about $160 for actual application, plus the cost of a Bozeman faculty courier of Spanish VISA.  Estimated cost is around $300.00.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required to obtain a Spanish visa.

Academic Year

Mid JAN-end of APR; Beginning JUN-end of AUG; beginning SEP-end of DECS.


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