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Naoya Miyamoto

Naoya Miyamoto (on the right) from Kumamoto-shi, majoring in English, tells his experiences at MSUB.

Hello everyone! My name is Naoya Miyamoto. I’m exchange student from Japan. There is 16 hours time difference between Japan and here. I have been enjoying my life so much at here. Unfortunately, I will leave here this May. So I will try to enjoy my time here as much as I can! Yahoooooooooo:)

At first I thought an air conditioner was too effective. I arrived here at the height of summer, and I was not able to wear a t-shirt. It was as though they were trying to rob me of my favorite season!

In Japan, my major is international relations. In that study we prosecute our studies about foreign affairs and global issues among states within the international system. Hence, my favorite class is “International relations” There, I can learn from the American side of that subject, which is very interesting and valuable to me.

I did have some culture shock moments. Free refill at the fast food shops!! I do not understand why some people order large size drinks when they can refill it!

I like the dorm has always been maintained, and kept clean. It my school life very pleasant! Also, at the cafeteria we can eat various cuisses, and needless to say, we can refill free :) Being active and talking to everyone positively is my trick!

Considering city’s size and prices, I think it is great. Here, it is not a big city, but we can get all commodities what we want to get. So, this city does not have any inconveniences!

Actually, I do not call my family too often. However, I make sure to call check in on my girlfriend back in Japan a lot. I am very thankful for my host family in Montana. It is a very kind action to feed and entertain a stranger. I think here is great place for study, mainly because here residents have excellent English pronunciation, which is considered as a standard for English in America. There are few foreign exchange students, especially Japanese… I have been trying to do my best for my dream, which I decided before I came here. I experienced some adverse circumstances, but I always remembered my dream, and that gave me relief! “Make goals” and “Find what you want and tough it out,” this is my advice.


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