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Betty from Stuttgart, majoring in Education, tells her experiences at MSUB.

I greet everyone back in Billings! I miss you guys! Bettina Pelger, Germany with an 8 hours time difference with Billings. My first impression of Billings is that it's very green and all the people are so nice! I don't think I had a culture shock. I think our cultures are pretty similar and the only big difference is the language.

My favorite class was Interpersonal Communication. I absolutely loved the dorms!! There was always something going on and I met so many wonderful and nice people! I felt very safe there and enjoyed my time in Petro!

I joined RHA, Student United Ways and International Studies Club! I also attended Service Saturday each month! It was a lot of fun and a great way to meet awesome new people!

There was so much going on! I can't even talk about everythin...welcome week, all the RHA socials, floor meetings, international cooking time, party at the shrine, many things! In total just a whole lot of fun!

I actually didn't really talk to my family too often. Maybe once a week and then some emails or stuff like that. I had a lot of contact to my friends with facebook and emails and so I didn't miss them too much.
Just enjoy your time; it goes by way too fast.


Catharina (on the left) from Stuttgart, majoring in Environmental Studies, tells her experiences at MSUB.

Hi my name is Catharina and my hometown is Stuttgart, Germany. The time difference between Billings and Stuttgart is 8 hours.  My first impression of MSUB was very good. All people that I met were very nice and helpful. My favorite classes so far have been all the classes that are included in my major. My major is environmental studies, and it is very interesting.  I lived for one semester in the dorms, and it was very convenient because you never have to cook and you don’t need a car because on campus it is easier to walk everywhere. There are a lot of activities where students can get involved. I am involved with the International Studies Club and I work on campus as a tutor. In Billings, there are many opportunities to go shopping. In the mall there are a lot of cool stores. Snowboarding and Skiing area is only one hour away, in Red Lodge. During my free time, I like to volunteer at ZooMontana. I usually talk to my family once a week. I like the summer here, when it is warm outside. However, the winters are very long here and this year we have had lots of snow. I am planning on graduating in December 2011. After graduation I am hoping to find a job in my field of study in Billings, and I would like to stay and work here.


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