Courses Offered Fall 2014

HONR 111 Perspectives and Understanding – Professor David Craig
3 cr. Explores classic and contemporary works of literature, art, and philosophy with an emphasis on cultural and historical contexts in order to develop critical and multi-disciplinary analytical skills. For fall 2013, the course will focus on two themes: initiation (i.e. the process by which individuals find out who they are and what their world is) and love. This course will serve as an introduction to Honors and is required for University Honors Program students.

COMX 110-010 Introduction to Public Speaking – Professor Melinda Tilton
3 cr. Develops speaking abilities; students acquire an understanding of basic rhetorical theory and its application in a variety of speech situations. Listening, speaking and critiquing abilities are emphasized. This course addresses the following topics: speech preparation and delivery, forming and fielding questions, audience analysis, listening skills, critiquing and speaker anxiety.

PSYX 100-004 Introduction to Psychology – Professor Brent Finger
3 cr. Presents an overview of the psychological functioning of the individual, including such topics as the biological bases of behavior, learning, cognition, motivation, developmental and social processes, psychological disorders and their treatment.

EDU 105-001 HON: Education and Democracy – Professor Tony Hecimovic
3 cr. Explores what it means to be an educated person in a democratic society. Although schooling is generally the primary formal means whereby societies educate citizens, this course focuses on education broadly to examine a) the ways people create and share knowledge, b) society’s responsibilities to provide the rich and varied opportunities needed by all citizens who would be educated, c) the consequences of disenfranchising anyone from those opportunities, and d) the critical link between democratic society and education.

ARTZ 105 Visual Language-Drawing – Professor Jodi Lightner
3 cr. Introduces the beginning student to the basic fundamentals of drawing including line, form, value, composition, and linear perspective.  Instruction will include drawing of various subjects and many include the nude figure. 

HONR 294/494 Honors Special Topics Seminar/s
3 cr. Provides an opportunity for students and professor to explore a topic in depth in collaborative manner. The most recent example was the Contemporary Nature and Ecology Writing course.

HONR 290/490 Internships (1-3 credits)
Provides an opportunity for students to engage in field experience not offered in other courses.  Contains a research component to be developed in conjunction with supervising faculty member.

HONR 291/491 Independent Study (1-3 credits)
Provides an opportunity to receive credit for individualized or special experimental learning opportunities (including a senior thesis) at an upper-division level and to count up to 3 credits towards the University Honors Program’s 21-credit requirement for Honors Scholar designation.

Honors Contract

By special arrangement students may negotiate an Honors Contract with a professor.  This contract will suffice to make a regular class fulfill an honors requirement through advanced work as specified by the contract. Requires the Director’s approval.

If you are interested in taking other courses for Honors credits, please stop by the Honors office, McMullen Hall, Room 205 or contact David Craig at

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Fall 2014 Course Times


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