Health and Wellness I Human Performance I Outdoor Adventure Leadership I Teacher Licensure I Athletic Training I Interdisciplinary Studies

ACT Syllabi Spring 2014

ACT 109-001 Beginning Racquetball

ACT 110-001 Beginning Weight Training

ACT 146-001 Beginning Golf

ACT 150-001 Beginning Yoga

ACT 150-002 Beginning Yoga

ACT 150-003 Beginning Yoga

ACT 153-001 Beginning Badminton

ACT 155-001 Beginning Judo

ACT 169-001 Beginning Tennis

ACT 269-001 Intermediate Tennis

ACT 271-001 Swimming for Fitness

ACT 294-001 Pilates

ACT 294-005 Self Defense

ACT 294-007 Intermediate Yoga

ACT 294-011 Introduction to Belly Dancing

ACT 294-012 Belly Dancing II