Health and Human Performance

 Graduate Course Rotation

Number Course F11 S12 X12 F12 S13 X13 F13 S14
HHP 518 Health Enhancement Methods & Materials K-8 X     X     X  
HHP 540 Sport Leadership X     X     X  
HHP 545 Exercise Testing & Prescription X     X     X  
HHP 550 Psychological Principles   X     X     X
HHP 559 Clinical Education I X     X     X  
HHP 560 Sport Marketing                
HHP 561 General Medical Assessment X     X     X  
HHP 562 Graduate Athletic Training I X     X     X  
HHP 563 Graduate Athletic Training II   X     X     X
HHP 564 Clinical Education II X     X     X  
HHP 565 Lower Extremity Evaluation X     X     X  
HHP 566 Upper Extremity Evaluation   X     X     X
HHP 567 Clinical Education III   X     X     X
HHP 570 Sport Organization & Governance X     X     X  
HHP 575 Therapeutic Modalities X     X     X  
HHP 576 Organization & Administration in HHP   X     X     X
HHP 577 Clinical Education IV X     X     X  
HHP 579 Clinical Education V   X     X     X
HHP 580 Pharmacology & Pathology for Athletic Training   X     X     X
HHP 585 Organization, Administration & Legal AT   X     X     X
HHP 590 Internship X X X X X X X X
HHP 591 Independent Study X X X X X X X X
HHP 593 Workshop:  Foundations of Coaching X     X     X   
HHP 597 Capstone   X     X     X
HHP 598 Research Project X X X X X X- X X
HHP 599 Thesis X X X X X X- X X
NOTE:  Course Rotation subject to change dependent on final approval of programs.  For degree and program information, faculty list and other academic information, go to the Health & Human Performance Department web site at