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Memo To: Montana University System Students
Memo From: Montana University System Student Insurance Plan Consortium

Student Insurance Plan Changes for 2013-14

We are writing to inform you about some important changes in the Montana University Student Insurance Plan (MUSSIP) that will begin this coming fall.

As you may recall, a year ago, due to rapidly rising claims costs, the MUS created two rate tiers. One was for students age 39 and under. A second rate tier was for students age 40 and older. We will continue to have these two rate tiers for the insurance plan year that begins on September 1, 2013.

The MUS also committed a year ago to put the insurance plan out to bid in order to assure we were obtaining the most competitive rates for students. That process was completed and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Montana, the incumbent carrier, was the successful bidder.

Significant changes for this coming plan year are as follows:

  • The minimum number of credits required for a student to participate in MUSSIP will decrease from 7 to 6. Students taking 6 or more credits will be required to maintain health insurance coverage. If they have no other coverage, they must enroll in the MUSSIP. Students taking 5 or fewer credits will not be eligible to participate in the MUSSIP. (Students can petition for exceptions if they are completing a dissertation or thesis or in their last semester prior to completing of their degree if they were covered in the immediately prior semester.) This change was made to accommodate the needs of graduate students who often enroll for only 6 credits.

  • MUS campuses are discontinuing the option for students to cover their dependents on the student insurance plan. This was a very difficult decision, but fewer than 70 of more than 7000 students on the plan were covering their dependents. Due to high claims costs for dependents, the cost of student-only coverage for the great majority would have increased an additional 11%. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Montana will be separately contacting current policyholders who have dependent coverage and offer to assist them in finding alternative coverage.

  • The plan maximum will increase from $200,000 to $500,000 in accordance with requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

For assistance with questions or for additional information regarding the MUSSIP, you may call 1-800-447-7828 or visit the website at

MUSSIP Provider Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana
560 North Park Avenue | P.O. Box 4309 | Helena, MT 59604-4309 | 1-800-447-7828

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