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You're a high school student

Everything you need to transition from high school to MSU Billings. You can even take college classes while you are still in high school!


You're a college transfer student

We welcome you to MSUB, small class sizes, plentiful internships, and more. Get started here!



You're a former MSUB student

Welcome back. We are here to help you return and succeed.




You've been out of high school 3 years or more

Go back, move forward! Find out how easy it is to get started at MSUB. We are ready with the guidance and support you need.



You're interested in pre-professional programs

Pre-professional plans of study are tracks in undergraduate programs that prepare you for a professional degree after your bachelor’s.

Get started here.


You're an international student

Join our growing international student community. We provide support and services to help you succeed here.



You're interested in graduate study

Graduate programs at MSUB are committed to helping you achieve your professional goals.




You're a distance learner interested in attending online

Maybe the idea of taking a class whenever you want appeals to you. We have more than 240 online classes you can take online.


You just want to take a class

If you want to take a class in an area of interest, we welcome you to enroll at MSUB.






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