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The MSU Billings Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships encourages you and your family to learn more about the money you borrow and the money you spend.  Financial Literacy is a key component for success in the 21st Century.  Financial Literacy is a collaborative effort at MSUB to not only reach students and parents, but to provide training to faculty and staff so the entire university can help provide information about the importance of managing money.  From orientation, to academic advising to first-year seminar classes, students will now find financial literacy a component of their experience at MSU Billings.  Investing in college is an important decision and MSUB is committed to educating students so they have solid financial habits in school and beyond.

We do not endorse particular products or services. It is the responsibility of the user to check references and facts prior to making use of the information. We recommend you seek professional assistance with any major financial decision.

Check out these resources:

Get Money Smarts is a financial education website designed to assist college students make smart financial decisions and choices. It provides tools to assist with sound money management, budgeting, credit and credit cards and higher education and financial aid.

Montana University System Prepare and Pay for College understands how important it is for students to establish good money management skills. Check out helpful tips to manage your money.

Be Money Smart; play an active role in your financial future

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