Financial Aid and Scholarships

How to Avoid Problems

Know What Is Expected of You. Read your award letter and all financial aid publications carefully. Your financial aid is based upon the semesters and number of credits you told us you would enroll for this award year.

Sign and Return Your Award Letter Promptly. If your award letter is not returned within 30 days of the award date, the award will be canceled. If you do not mark the "accept" and "reject" spaces, we assume you mean to accept the aid. You may receive revised letters later showing changes in your award; those letters do not require your signature. Make sure you inform the Financial Aid Office of all sources of educational assistance you anticipate getting such as scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans' Benefits, JTPA, Tribal or Higher Education Scholarships, Assistantships, AmeriCorp, etc.

Come to College with Some Money of Your Own. Even if your award is prepared on time, delays in receiving your financial aid may occur. You should bring some cash to school with you.

Register for the Correct Number of Credits. Your award is based on the enrollment listed on your award letter. If you don't pre-register for your courses, the financial aid office may not be able to credit financial aid to your account in time for fee payment.

Fees Must be Paid or Special Arrangements made by the due date, even if your financial aid is late. All students must accept their charges with the Business Office each semester to be considered officially enrolled; otherwise, your classes will be dropped. Even if the Financial Aid Office makes special payment arrangements, or a third party, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, is paying your fees, you must accept your charges each semester. A $40 late fee is charged to students who pay fees after the due date.

Deferred Fee Payment Plan. If you will have difficulty paying University charges by the due date, apply for the deferred fee payment plan. This is an installment program that permits students to pay University charges in four payments during the semester after financial aid and/or third party credits are applied to the student's bill.

Communicate in a thorough and timely manner by responding immediately to all correspondence from the Financial Aid Office. Include your Social Security or ID number on correspondence or when you leave telephone messages.

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