Rhetoric Aids

  All Power Point Presentations and Study Aids for COMT330 Persuasion (zip file) Introduction (audio#1)  (audio#2)

Sophists (audio)
Aristotle (audio)
Religion (audio)

Plato (audio#1)  (audio#2)
Romans (audio)

Science (audio#1)  (audio#2)
The Name of the Rose (audio)

"Rose" Links
Propaganda (audio)
Contemporary (audio)


Study Aids for COMT330 Persuasion: 

Which President?  Click here for a survey.

For a "Religious Dialogue" click here
1.  A History of Rhetoric Website 
2.  American Society for the History of Rhetoric
3.  Classics and More Website

4.  Rhetoric Resources
     Rhetoric and Other Disciplines
5.  Gorgias Websites:
     Gorgias Resource Page
     On Non-Being
7.  Plato Websites and Study Helps:
     Diagram of Plato's Gorgias
     Comparing the Gorgias with the Phaedrus
Click here for an interpretative article on by John Peters on Phaedrus.
     Perseus Project

The Complete Works of Plato
     For an interpretation of Phaedrus click here.
     For background on Plato's Apology click here
     For Plato's Apology click here or maybe here 
     For background on Plato's Gorgias click here
     For Plato's Gorgias click here or maybe here
     Plato:  Exploring His Dialogues (Contains Plato's Phaedrus)

6.  Isocartes:
Click here to view an article on the power of logos  
7.  Aristotle Websites:
     An Aristotle Website
     Aristotle's Rhetoric
9.  Article by Dorothy Sayers:
     The Lost Tools of Learning
10. Article by Barry Brummett:
     Barry Brummett Paper
11. Research Hypotheses on Persuasion:
     Persuasion Hypotheses
12. Other Material on Rhetoric:
-For an article on arguers as lovers click here
     -For a Lloyd Bitzer's Rhetorical Situation click here
     -For an article on debate click here