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Course Syllabus click here.

Theory work sheet click here.

Theory exam click here.

Exams:  For Exams 1 and 2

*After Theory--Terry Eagleton


*Western Art, NCA paper.

1.  "On Theories in General"
Power Point for Lesson 1/Chapter 1 Littlejohn:

             Please see additional materials from Am Griffin below:

             *Griffin, Em (2000).  "A First Look at Communication Theory," 4th ed., McGraw Hill.
             *Sample Chapters--
One, Two, Three.
Griffin's Book Website

2.  "On Communication Theories in General"
Power Point for Lesson 2/Chapter 2 Littlejohn:

3.  "On a General Theory/Model of Communication"
PowerPoint for Lesson 3:
Adler and Towne Chapter 1 The Transactional Model

4.  "On Systems Theory"
PowerPoint On Systems Theory: (Littlejohn Chapter 3)
Griffin Chapter 17 Karl Weick

5.  "On Structural Theories"
PowerPoint On Structural Theories (Littlejohn Chapter 4)
Griffin Chapter 24 Roland Barthes

6.  "On Discourse Theories"
PowerPoint On Discourse Theories (Littlejohn Chapter 5)

     Links to:
The Baroness' Dilemma
Ian Frazier's Lamentations of the Father (script)

     -For an Ian Frazier audio click on the link below and then scroll down to the audio file called "Lamenations of Father" 28:42:   
Alien Song 
Conversational Analysis Example
Modern/Post-Modern Comparison
Derrida and Herrick
Foucault and Disney

7.  "On Theories of Symbolic Interaction, Dramatism, and Narrative
Power Point On "Narrative" Theories (Littlejohn Chapter 8)

Please see additional materials on Kenneth Burke below:

 Burke Picture
Burke Literature (62 pages)

Burke Pentad Papers (22 pages)
Burke Cluster Analysis Papers (17 pages)
Graduation Address

8.  "On Theories of Social and Cultural Reality--   Constructivist Theories"
Power Point for Lesson 11/Chapter 9 Littlejohn 
here for a link to John Shotter's work on Constructivism 
here for a link to Jonathan Potter's work on Constructivism  

9.  "On Theories of Experience and Interpretation"
Power Point for Chapter10 Littlejohn:

10.  "On Critical Theories"
Power Point for Lesson12/Chapter 11 Littlejohn:

      Click here for a paper exemplifying critical theory by Dwight Conquergood.

      Click here for two articles analyzing the Vietnam Memorial from a communication theory perspective.

  Internet Resources for Students:

*Advice Web Sites:
1.  Ask Jeeves: 
2.  Ask a Question:
3.  Keen:
7.  InfoRocket:
9.  Webhelp:
10. So You
11. Click
here to visit Sonja Foss' website.

Using APA and MLA and Other Writing Issues:
  1. (for both APA and MLA)
  2. Slide Show on APA
  3. Summary Sheet for APA
  4. APA electronic notations summary sheet guide
  5. Writing Scoring Guide
  6. Case Study Critique Form 4/527
  7. Sample Memo
  8. APA Update Click here
  9. For a quick grammar review (24 pages) click here
  10. Sample Scholarly Paper
  11. NCA 2007 Paper
  12. Sample Theory Article:  Language Acquisition
  13. Some readings and other stuff:
  *Research Web Sites:
1.  Electric Library:
3.  The Argus Clearinghouse:
6.  Research-It!:
8.  Ehow:

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