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  A fine line exists between fly fishing and religion (Norman Maclean) or rhetoric (Dan Gross). Both fly fishing and the study of rhetoric (persuasion) are disciplines focused on influencing a particular audience. In that sense they fulfill the definition offered by Aristotle for rhetoric that being the "study of all the available means of persuasion." This web site is dedicated to furthering the study of rhetoric in all its forms whether with a fly rod, words, or visual images.

"One man goes to his neighbor's web site to lose herself, another to find himself, it's your own bad self love that keeps you surfing the web." ----Friedrich "Cyber" Nietzsche

bullet "Nothing exists, if anything did exist we couldn't know it; if we could know it we couldn't communicate it."--Gorgias
bullet "Reality is just an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." --Albert Einstein
bullet "Are ye not all gods." ----Jesus
bullet "Great minds discuss ideas.  Average minds discuss events.  Shallow minds discuss people."--Eleanor Roosevelt
bullet ". . . but, "Are you adequate to the conversation"? --Stephen Coffman

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