Study Aids for COMT 330 Persuasion


Additional Resources               

  Study Aids for COMT330 Persuasion: 

*Please note that there are PPs and additional materials for COMT330 on my web site on the "about Rhetoric" page and then go to "Rhetoric Aids."

     *Course Syllabus

The following items are resources for the study of rhetoric:

*Note:  By going to and typing in a name or concept concerning rhetoric can bring marvelous results.

*Free Speech Dialogue:

  1. John Peters:  "Courting the Abyss" An Introduction
  2. PP on Peters
  3. Supreme Court Link
  4. Questions for Digestion and Dialogue
  1.  Classics and More Website

2.  Rhetoric Resources
Rhetoric and Other Disciplines

3.  Gorgias Websites:
Gorgias Resource Page

4.  Plato Websites and Study Helps:
Diagram of Plato's Gorgias
Comparing Gorgias with Phaedrus
Plato:  Exploring His Dialogues
Perseus Project

5.  Aristotle:
Aristotle's Rhetoric

6.  Article by Dorothy Sayers:
The Lost Tools of Learning

7.  Article by Barry Brummett:
Barry Brummett Paper


8.  Rhetoric and Science:
Persuasion Hypotheses
Ethos and Science

9.  Richard Weaver:

     Weaver on Phaedrus
Richard Weaver and The Rhetoric of Social Science
Slide Show on Weaver Chapter 8.

10.Contemporary Rhetoric:
     Hannah Arendt:  For a couple of readings click
here and here.

here and here for 2 articles on propaganda

12.A New Rhetoric:  A Universal Rhetoric
Chaim Perelman

13.Some Additional Rhetoric Materials and Case Studies:
here for a copy of I Kings 3:16ff
     Click here for a persuasive appeal: 
Erring Letter
here for article on "Beyond Persuasion."

      Click here for a copy of the "Whose Woods These      Are"by Gearhardt

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