You can only protect against someone who knows less than you do.
~Tim Urbaniak , COT Instructor, on computer security.

Montana Computer Network Security Conference 2004

A computer network security conference will be held on March 11-12, 2004 here at the College of Technology.  We thought it would be a great idea given the amount of network problems and heightened security concerns in the world today.  Please pass along this site link to anyone you think might be interested.

The theme of the conference is security awareness and external threats.
When you connect to the World, the World is connected to you.

The audience:  Who should attend?
General Managers and those who set policies, Business Owners, Higher Education & K-12 Directors.  Bring your system administrators, separate track of technical topics for system administrators.

Hope to see you there!

We wish to thank these businesses for their support of the
MT Computer Network Security Conference.

More information available HERE.

Regional Network Security Conference at the COT

The College of Technology will host the MT Computer Network Security Conference on March 11-12, 2004.  Business managers and network technicians are invited to the new High Technology Outreach Center at the COT to hear many key industry leaders in network security give insight into their respective fields of expertise. 

The conference will have two tracks to separate the managers from the more technical subjects and to provide each business function with relevant topics and degrees of information.  Some of the manager’s topics that will be covered at the conference are:

  • networking concepts & vulnerabilities

  • company policies & auditing

  • risk assessment, business continuity/disaster recovery planning & legal liability

  • physical security, intrusion detection, forensics & when to contact authorities.

 Some of the technical tracks will include (a technical background is required):

  • common exploits & prevention

  • perimeter network security configuration

  • wireless security

  • physical security, intrusion detection, forensics, disaster recovery & when to contact authorities.

Advance registration will be required and the cost of attendance will be $99 per person.  Companies sending more than one employee will receive a discounted price of $89 each person.

For additional information or to register, logon to the CST department web site at and follow the Security Conference link.


Conference Schedule

All speakers listed have agreed to participate, but the schedule is still subject to change. 
(Last Modified:  3/8/04)
When registering to attend, you must identify the topic track you will attend.  You will not be able to switch topic tracks or mix and match topics of interest (This is due to the technical nature of some subjects and that we must account for seating arrangements).

Thursday, March 11th





8:00AM -5:00PM B057 Lounge Vendor Booths  

8:00–9:00 AM

COT Commons

Conference registration
(Coffee and Donuts near B057)


9:10–9:25 AM


John Cech, Dean COT
Dr. Ron Sexton, Chancellor MSU-B Opening Welcome Remarks

Dean Cech
Dr. Sexton

9:30–10:00 AM


The InfraGard Project

Bill Facer, FBI

10:00–10:20 AM


Senator Conrad Burns thoughts on Network Security

Senator Conrad Burns

10:30–12:15 AM


Manager Track:  Networking Concepts and Vulnerabilities

Bruce Brumley, CCNP, COT

10:30–12:15 AM


Technician Track: Common Exploits and Prevention

Victor Valgenti, former state IT Auditor

12:15-12:30 PM Commons Box Lunch in the Commons  

12:30–1:00 PM


Keynote 1:  Howard Schmidt

Howard Schmidt, Former Cyber-Security Advisor for the White House

1:00-1:15 PM Commons Short Break  

1:15–1:45 PM


Keynote 2: Andy Purdy

Andy Purdy, Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security

1:45-2:00PM Commons Short Break  

2:10–4:00 PM


Mgr Track: Security Risk Assessment, BCP/DRP & Business Liability (Legal issues, HIPAA, Graham-Bliley)

Brad Smith, RN, BS, CISSP, CIR Security

2:10–4:00 PM


Tech Track: Physical Security
Perimeter Network Security (Firewalls, Router ACLs)

Ric Daza, CCIE, CISSP, Cisco

Friday, March 12th


B057 Lounge

Vendor Booths


9:00–9:05 AM


John Cech, Dean COT
“Welcome Back” & Intro.

Dean John Cech

9:10–10:50 AM


Mgr Track: Physical Security, Intrusion Detection, Forensics & Alerting the Authorities for Managers

Bill Facer, FBI


9:10–10:50 AM


Tech Track:  Intrusion Detection, Forensics, Disaster Recovery & Alerting the Authorities

Tim Kosiba, FBI



Essentials of Wireless Security

Ric Daza, CCIE, CISSP, Cisco



Closing Remarks – Dean Cech

Dean John Cech

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Vendors interested in having a booth?

The COT has a large commons area (6,100 Sq Ft.) where we will have vendor booths during the Conference.  A contribution of $100  to the Conference will secure your company a place for a standard 6 ft table (more room if needed).  We are also asking that each vendor contribute a prize for the drawings that will be held at the end of each day's conference topics.

As a cash donation sponsor of $500 or more, you would not be billed additionally for a booth and would gain your logo a place in all of our remaining advertising. As a sponsor, we would include your logo on all marketing materials (except the Jan paper article that we have done already) and packet materials for the conference.  We could include other marketing materials that you provide in the conference welcome packet also.

Contact Allen Kent at

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