Safety is an area of concern for students and faculty in all areas of the building. Each student entering the department must participate in a general safety review. Students should be aware of fire exits (posted near classroom doors), fire extinguisher locations (hallway), and first aid kit locations and must engage in appropriate general personal safety conduct. Any questions or concerns relating to any aspect of safety should be brought to the attention of the instructors and/or department chair immediately. Students that utilize other lab areas must adhere to policies and procedures in those areas, for instance, safety glasses.

Classroom Behavior

Students should refer to the guidelines contained in the campus catalog for information relevant to appropriate classroom behavior. Students having complaints regarding inappropriate behaviors should notify their advisor, instructor or department chair immediately. In some cases it may be appropriate for the student to document their concern and provide a copy to the faculty or department chair. There will be no tolerance for behaviors that cause disruption to the classroom or campus environment or that interfere with any studentsí pursuit of education.

Software Policies and Student Files

All applicable laws that govern the copying of software will be enforced on this campus. Students that engage in software piracy on campus are subject to MSU-Billings and Board of Regents Policies.

It is considered that student files are the property of the student. The copying of that studentís files without that studentís permission is considered theft. Students engaging in such practice will be expelled under the plagiarism component of the catalog. Students should use the "N:" drive to store their files. In addition to the "N:" drive students may utilize the lab hard drives for short-duration storage, however, lab drives are cleaned routinely and are an unreliable storage source. Students should maintain multiple backups of all projects and must function under the premise that the only reliable copies that they have are the ones that they carry with them from the lab.

Students that engage in unsanctioned reconfiguration of classroom computers will be 1) Issued a written warning. 2) Suspended for 3 days on the second offense. 3) Expelled for the duration of the semester on the third offense. If a student feels that changes need to be made to a workstation, the instructor must be consulted prior to the changes being made.

Students are not to use the computers for inappropriate activities.

Personal Property in the Lab Areas

Students are to remove personal property from the classroom areas every day at the conclusion of class. The school is not responsible for personal property.

Drugs and Alcohol

Students must be familiar with the campus policies. Students that are not adhering to the campus policies will be asked to leave the classroom area and will be turned over to administration for further appropriate action.

Project Deadlines

Drafting is considered a deadline intensive occupation. Many projects assigned to students will be assigned deadlines. Projects turned in late will be assessed a 2/3 grade. No projects or work will be accepted after the end of the semester deadline posted by instructors. Any student that misses the final exam for any class will not be allowed to take it late unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Project Labs

The Drafting Department makes every effort to provide each student with a workstation for their use during class time. Many students have stations and software at home that they may desire to use for their lab time. Students desiring to perform their lab time at home must notify the instructor of their intent to do so and receive approval. The instructors will post their class schedules on Monday mornings in order to facilitate this method. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor for help with situations encountered in their home lab time.

Music in the labs

Both labs are equipped with sound systems and computers are multimedia capable. Music sound levels are to be kept at an appropriate level. Students may use headphones for their lab work. Certain types of songs and audio files may fall under the "Classroom Behavior" section.

Cell Phones and Children

Given the disruptive potential posed by cell phones, students are asked to keep cell phones off during class lectures.  Use of cell phones during laboratory exercises is permissible, but please be considerate of others around you.


Children, likewise, represent a disruptive element for the classroom.  They also increase the risk of accidents occurring in the laboratory.  For those reasons, children should not be brought to either the classroom or the laboratory.

Office Hours

The Drafting Program faculty has office hours available for advisement. These office hours are posted near the offices. The students generally need to make appointments to access office hours as the instructors have other duties on and off campus, but if the instructor is present, drop-ins are always welcome to discuss matters of importance to the student.