DDSN240 / DDSN241

DDSN 240 Civil Lecture  
 2cr. (2 lec/wk) Prerequisites: DDSN 110 or DDSN 111. (Sp)
Field notes from surveys are reduced using calculators, traverses balanced, elevations determined, contours interpolated and areas determined. U.S. Public Land surveys are studied. Legal descriptions are written. Earthwork quantities are calculated from roadway cross-sections. Transportation and utility plans are studied.

DDSN 241 Civil Lab
5 cr. (10 lab/wk) Prerequisites: DDSN 110 or DDSN 111. (Sp)
Land surveys, contour maps, plats, drainage and grading plans, roadway plans, utility plans, profiles and cross-sections are drawn using a standard CAD station. GIS and GPS data is incorporated into drawings. Field surveys are performed.

Program Policy

Syllabus 240 / 241 (.pdf format)

Grading Criteria

Assignments - Final Civil Project (Download)

Survey Field Notes (.pdf format)


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