In the area of research, I have focused my recent writing and presenting in three areas: accommodations needed for first year teachers with disabilities, food for the brain, and culturally sensitive techniques.

My collaboration with the Wyola School District Superintendent, Paul Felter, promoted a variety of curriculum and writing projects, which are being submitted for publication this spring.

My work with master teacher, Diane Welhaven, at Riverside Middle School encouraged an article on food for the brains of adolescent students.

Presently my work with Milliken scholar Robin Richter of Garfield Elementary will culminate in a handbook for teaching language arts using the multi-cultural technique of oral language.

Most recently I was selected as one of twenty-five teachers invited to attend the National Society of Neuroscience Conference. My selection was based on my commitment to research and present brain compatible materials for teachers.

My collaborative study on hiring practices and preferences of Montana Superintendents with the Career Services director, Pat Reuss, has been published in the yearbook each year from 1996 to present. A third study on this topic will be published in the spring of 2002.

I have trained to become a mentor for teachers working towards National Board Certification. I am collaborating with colleagues to design strategies to assess progress of NBC candidates.

In 1998, I co-wrote a play “Cupid’s Arrow” with a colleague in Communication Arts and Theatre. We took Knapp’s research on the stages of relationships between men and women and wrote scenes depicting each stage. The play has been presented for local, regional and national audiences.

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