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Welcome to my Website!

This year I celebrate 30(!) years of teaching. Seems like I began my career last year, maybe it was the year before that...

It was actually at the University of Arkansas where I taught Interpersonal Communications as a graduate assistant. I was introduced to this magnificent process of searching for truth, this is what teaching is all about for me. After graduating with my Master's degree I accepted a one year appointment in the Department of Speech and Drama at Kansas State University. I taught Basic Speech and an honor's class in Oral Communications. I was hooked.

I took one year to earn my certification to teach in public schools in Kansas and served four years as a middle school teacher. When I resigned from my public school position, the students gave me a trophy with the inscription "You Loved Us" and remembering what I often told them "Do Be Kind". This is another important part of teaching.

I earned my doctoral degree at Kansas State University, taught at Fort Hays State and presently I teach at Montana State in the School of Education and Human Services where I offer classes in Elementary and Middle School Curriculum, The Brain in the Classroom, and I supervise student teachers.

What have I learned? I'll probably devote another 30 (Mercy!) years to this profession where I seek truth, love and respect my students, and delight in the privilege of interacting with students, colleagues, and significant others who are trying to make the world a better place.

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