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DR. SUSAN C. BARFIELD                                   PHONE:  (406) 657-2316


OFFICE:  ED271      SUMMER OFFICE HOURS:  Mondays, 7:45-9:45 a.m. online or by appointment


REQUIRED TEXT and MyMusicLab Access:  Nettl, B., Capwell, C., Wong, I., Turino, T., Bohlman, P., & Rommen, T. (2012, 6th ed.). Excursions in World Music. Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson.

Bound Book w/ MyMusicLab – ISBN: 9780205234714



COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Introduces students to the uses and functions of music in various cultures.  The style of music used and performance of music in selected cultures of Africa, Latin America (including jazz), North America, Asia, and the Middle East as well as folk music of Europe will be explored.



1.      Attain higher levels of personal achievement in understanding music of the world

2.      Learn and practice on-line small group facilitation

3.      Research, collect and organize information on a music culture

4.      Develop an understanding and appreciation for the importance of individualization in the development of the whole person.


Student Objectives


1.                  TSW understand the basic vocabulary and current critical issues of world music as evidenced by weekly assignments, threaded discussion responses, PowerPoint presentations, and self-reflection journals.

2.                  TSW be able to facilitate small group discussions as evidenced by being a facilitator for one of the course threaded discussions.

3.                  TSW use computer technology (sending files, threaded discussions, internet exploration and research, PowerPoint, and YouTube) as evidenced by weekly assignments, threaded discussion responses, PowerPoint presentations, self-reflection journals, quizzes, and the final.




Accommodations:  Please contact me to discuss any special needs and to agree upon necessary accommodations, including any cultural considerations


Students with disabilities, whether physical, learning, or psychological, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services (DSS) as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Please meet with DSS staff to verify your eligibility for any classroom accommodations and for academic assistance related to your disability. Disability Support Services is located in the Academic Support Center. 

  • Main Campus, 657-2283 (voice/tty) and 657-2159 (voice/tty/video phone) 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Late assignments will have 5 points per week deducted from the total score received on that assignment.  Threaded discussions cannot be made up; you will only receive the number of points accumulated during the threaded discussion time windows.



1.       (110 pts.)   MyMusicLab Chapter Exams

2.         (30 pts.)   World Music PowerPoint Presentation

3.         (60 pts.)   Assignments (10 pts. per assignment) 

4.         (60 pts.)   Threaded Discussions-(10 pts. per discussion)

5.         (10 pts.)   Threaded Discussion Facilitation

6.         (30 pts.)   World Music Self-Reflection Journal (15 pts. per reflection)


GRADING                A         276-300 pts.

                                    B         252-275 pts.

                                    C         228-251 pts.

                                    D         204-227 pts.




Week .5           May 13-14                   Course and Text Introduction           


Week 2            May 15-21                   Studying Musics of the World’s Cultures - Chap. 1

                                                            Facilitation Tips site

                                                            Practice Threaded Discussion A starts May 16th

                                                            May 20th last day for Practice Threaded Discussion

                                                            Assignment A and MyMusicLab Chap. 1 Post-test due May 21st


Week 3            May 22-28                   The Music of India - Chap. 2

                                                            No Threaded Discussion due to holiday 

                                                            No Assignment due to holiday

                                                            Chapter 2 MyMusicLab Chapter Exam due May 28th

PowerPoint Presentation topic approved by May 28th


Week 4            May 29-June 4                        Music of the Middle East – Chap. 3

                                                            The Music of China – Chap. 4

                                                            Threaded Discussion B starts May 30th

                                                                                June 3rd last day for Threaded Discussion B

Assignment B due June 4th

Chapters 3 & 4 MyMusicLab Chapter Exams due June 4th



Week 5            June 5-June 11                        The Music of Japan – Chap. 5

The Music of Indonesia – Chap. 6                                                      Threaded Discussion C starts June 6th  

                                                                                June 10th last day for Threaded Discussion C

                                                            Self-Reflection Journal submission #1 due June 5th        

                                                            Assignment C due June 11th

                                                            Chapters 5 & 6 MyMusicLab Chapter Exams due June 11th


Week 6            June 12-18                   The Music of Sub-Saharan Africa – Chap. 7

                                                            The Musical Culture of Europe – Chap. 8                                                                                                                  Self-Reflection Journal submission #2 due June 12th

                                                            Threaded Discussion D starts June 13th

                                                                                June 17th last day for Threaded Discussion D

                                                            Assignment D due June 18th

                                                                                Chapters 7 & 8 MyMusicLab Chapter Exams due June 18th


Week 7            June 19-25                   Music in Latin America – Chap. 9

                                                            Music in the Caribbean – Chap. 10

                                                            Threaded Discussion E starts June 20th  

                                                                                June 24th last day for Threaded Discussion E

                                                            Assignment E due June 25th

                                                            Chapters 9 & 10 MyMusicLab Chapter Exams due June 25th


Week 8            June 26-July 2             Native American Music – Chap. 11

                                                            Ethnic North America – Chap. 12

                                                                                Threaded Discussion F starts June 27th

                                                                                July 1st last day for Threaded Discussion F

                                                            Assignment F due July 2nd

                                                            Chapters 11 & 12 MyMusicLab Chapter Exams due July 2nd


Week 8.5         July 3, 5                       Course Summary, and Evaluation





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