Welcome!  I look forward to assisting you in your future learning.  We should be meeting at least once each semester to check on your progress and make sure you are ‘on the right track” for graduating or completing your certification.  While I will help you with the process as much as I can, YOU are ultimately responsible for completing your degree or certification, including deadlines, paperwork, etc.


Here are several procedures with which many of my advisees need assistance (click on the underline to access additional information):


1.      If you are a transfer student, make sure that you have submitted an official transcript to Admissions and Records, met with an Advisor to determine which courses will transfer, and decided which program you want to pursue.


2.      You should meet with someone from the Financial Aid office to review all funding options and determine your best financial path.  Don’t forget to apply for Scholarships each year (usually has a February 1st deadline).  Start the process at the beginning of spring semester so that there is plenty of time for you to gather letters of recommendation; check to make sure those letters are in the FA office.


3.      Plan of Study – having a plan of study that proposes your coursework until you leave MSUB allows you to plan accordingly.  This plan of study needs to be revised each semester as there will be changes due to scheduling conflicts, filled courses, etc.  I recommend putting the original plan of study in pencil and “penning in” each semester as you complete it.


To access the plan of studies for your major (be sure you have the correct year for your catalog):

Remember that you can change the catalog you use for your requirements to a more current year, but cannot use previous years’ catalog when you were not in school (for example, if you started in the 2009-2011 catalog, you can change to the 2011-2013 one, but cannot use the 2007-2009 one).

Elementary Education 2011-2013 Advising Worksheet

Music Education 2011-2013 Advising Worksheet

I recommend that you also fill out a semester-by-semester Plan of Study in order to give you a better idea of when you will be graduating (Instructions for Designing your Plan of Study-Elem. Ed., Designing your Plan of Study– Music Ed)


You can design your Plan of Study electronically; just cut and paste the courses in the left-hand column into the semesters you want to take them.

Electronic Plan of Study for Elementary Education 2011-2013

Electronic Plan of Study for K-12 Music Education 2011-2013

4.      You no longer need separate forms for courses with practicum (EDU 220L and SPED 260); however, Junior Field Experience (EDU 354) and Student Teaching require applications…you can access the Junior Field and Student Teaching applications at this website (formerly the offices of CAFÉ or LSCP): . You must have a “C” or higher in all teaching methods courses taken to date.  ALL courses that have you working in schools require a background check.  This check is good for only two years, but you need to start the process again in 18 months as it can take some time to get through the system.


5.      During the semester in which you are finishing your 100-200 level professional core and general education courses, you need to fill out and submit an application to be accepted into the Teacher Education Program (TEP).  You cannot sign up for upper division T.E. courses until you have been admitted; you might be provisionally accepted for two semesters to finish needed coursework or to allow you to retake courses to raise your GPA (2.65 required).


6.      Secondary and K-12    You should take EDU 380 before your methods course if at all possible.


7.      You need to complete an application for Student Teaching the semester BEFORE you plan to student teach.  It is due Oct. 15th for spring student teaching and March 15th for fall student teaching. You must also attend one of the student teaching seminars that semester before.


8.      You must complete an Application for Graduation form the semester BEFORE you are student teaching; if you plan to “walk” for spring graduation but will not officially graduate until summer or fall, you still need to submit this application in the fall before you walk the next semester. 


9.      If you are a graduate student, you need to apply to Graduate Studies (complete with a Plan of Study) no later than after you have completed 12 graduate credits.  


10. REGISTRATION Make sure you register the first day of registration; instructions are on this link.


Please allow me at least one week to review any submitted paperwork.  Waiting until the last day could result in not meeting your deadlines…I am excited about working with you!




GPA Calculator:


Licensure, Field Experience and Certification website (formerly CAFÉ or LSCP):


Advising Worksheets (make sure you have the correct catalog year):


Here is a valuable checklist for Music/Elementary  majors:  CHECKLIST SUMMARY FOR MUSIC MAJORS