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Owner of Ashley Furniture Brings Message of WORK to COB

Dan Kennedy speaking with Nash, a student in the Marketing 592 class at MSUBDan Kennedy, the owner of Billing’s Ashley Furniture Home Store at 2914 Millennium Circle, spoke to the Entrepreneurship and Marketing class on February 23rd. After graduating from West High in 1985, Mr. Kennedy spent several years in a professional fishing operation in the Florida Keys before returning to Billings to open D’s Discount Furniture in 1988. According to an article in the Billings Gazette, he “came home in 1988 and started the first of his five furniture stores, selling one to start another.” In 2006 Mr. Kennedy opened the Ashley Furniture Homestore at 2914 Millennium Circle. 

Mr. Kennedy’s observations included the following:

Failure is part of the deal.

A person tends to forget what he hears, remembers what he reads, and only understands what he actually does.

Live each part of your life fully; just don’t stay there.

Lover labor. Don’t think that labor is beneath you.

Do something.

You need to be both a great buyer and a great seller.

Build up the product so that the value outweighs the price.

You have to make a profit.

Think about how you can produce.

Things change; change is inevitable.

Pay attention.


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