Portrait of the artist with his grandson.

Neil Jussila

Biographical Sketch

Neil Jussila grew up in Butte, Montana.  He received his degrees in art from Montana State University, Bozeman.  He is a Vietnam combat veteran.  He has been on faculty at MSU-Billings since 1969.  He is married and has two children and two grandchildren.


The Wind

The sound of the ink-stained wind
is the sound of a pen, forming words
in the wind over snow in the night.

The ink-stained wind comes dancing:
In the early-morn-hour at night;
Sweet tryst with a cursive line;
Upon the plain is left a trance.


Summer 2007
Art 110-001 Art Studio Essentials MTWR 8:00-12:00 3rd Session
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Beauty is a very special presence.  It can spiritually transform those who accidentally discover it. 
Beauty is love which to Matisse is the source for art.

To see is to feel and to feel is to find. 
If it is not felt then it can not be seen and it will not be found.

See it in listening and hear it through seeing.

It is a creation of itself. 
The responsibility is to respond to it. 
Not just look at it but to respond to it.

It is a soliloquy: intimate words that come from soul and speak
to soul revealing feelings to move an audience forward to keep from becoming stuck.

It has a life of its own. 
It is independent of man. 
It is a force.  It is a complete story.

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botanica fine art
Bozeman, Montana
September 2006



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