Quaerendo Invenietis

Love the life you live, live the life you love

"Resolve Well and Persevere"

With a colleague at Pembroke College.  Oxford, England.  April, 2003

Welcome to the home page of Dr. Mark D. Hardt.  I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at Montana State University-Billings and have taught here since 1995.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University at Mankato, (then known as Mankato State University) in 1978.  I did my graduate work at the University of Connecticut, receiving my Master of Arts degree in 1982 and my Ph.D. in 1989.  See my vita.  email: mhardt@msubillings.edu

I teach a rather eclectic range of courses, ranging from Dating and Mate Selection to Environmental Sociology and Demography.  This partly reflects a view, shared by others, of being a generalist in the discipline.  I fell in love with sociology from my first exposure to it as a high school senior and have remained passionate about it ever since.  Sociology encompasses a diverse spectrum of subjects and the curiosity in me has led me to explore many of them, and many of those explorations have piqued my interest and fascination, hence my generalist view.  I am currently planning research in a variety of topics, such as the examination of how ambiguity in gender role expectations affects the dating process; the similarity between social attitudes found in gated communities and the social responses to plague epidemics in the past; and a comparative update of study a study I published on downtown Billings.  Research interests for me are, like the courses I teach, related to what interests me; and research informs my teaching.  To see a list of courses I teach, click here.

With that said, Demography and Urban Sociology began as my two main areas of concentration, areas I was in some ways coerced into as a graduate student, but quickly came enamored with.  From these areas I inadvertently became a Rural Sociologist, then later an Environmental Sociologist.  (It is a long story I won't go into here.)  I have a growing interest in epidemiology, which came from an idea I became interested in while delving into Demography as a graduate student.  I have taught a workshop on diseases and societies since Fall Semester, 2004.  It is a regular course as of Fall 2006.  Click on the highlighted subject to take you to links of sources for demography, urban sociology, or disease, or check for general sources in sociology.

There are other sources of information and places of interest available that I enjoy visiting.  I am an idea person and love to explore issues for the sake of exploring them.  In the classroom I place much emphasis on comprehension.  I am willing to dwell longer than planned to make sure that most students comprehend what is being discussed, and I prefer to examine issues in depth.  For me the gray matter of the brain should lead to an appreciation that gray matters.  Black and white is usually boring. These other sites are useful, as are the more formal general sources in sociology, for entertainment, developing your mind and imagination, and otherwise expanding your horizons.  They will also help you develop an outlook expressed in the first phrase at the top of the page: Quaerendo Invenietis.  This, along with the other two, express values I use to guide my life.  Follow the link to visit them.

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