The Department of Music educates musicians by combining a thorough professional training in music with sound general education. It is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The MSU Billings Department of Music stresses high standards of performance, a strong theoretical background, a broad exposure to music history, opportunities in pedagogy, and a significant encounter with other academic disciplines.

The varied functions of music in the world today present many interesting and challenging opportunities to students as educators, performers, creative artists and employees in the music industry. Because of the many opportunities available to students, the faculty of the Department of Music has established a program of training which allows first year students to determine the course of study they may wish to follow.

Through an emphasis in music history and theory as well as performance instruction and participation in various ensembles, students are prepared for graduate study, studio teaching, teaching in the public schools, and employment in the field of music.

The Bachelor of Arts Major in Music – General degree is designed primarily for those wishing to pursue a music degree with a well-rounded arts and sciences education.

The Bachelor of Arts Major in Music - Performance Option is designed to prepare students for a career in music performance.

The Bachelor of Arts Major in Music – Teaching Licensure Option is designed for students wishing to pursue music teaching careers in the schools at both the elementary and secondary levels.

The Bachelor of Arts Major in Music – Business Option prepares students for employment in the music industry. 

A degree in music at Montana State University Billings not only exposes students to a strong academic education, personal application and performance, but also provides rich opportunities for exposure to renowned musicians and performances on and off campus.

Our instructors are prominent members of Billings’ musical and performing community.  They bring to the classroom years of experience, and expose their students to the local talents in song, dance, and various cultures.

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Emily Walker1/18/13 MSUB pianist wins statewide competition ... read more.

Meet Ashlee Young

Meet Ashlee Young
senior, Music Performance
award-winning pianist

Meet Tyler Harris

Meet Tyler Harris
senior, Music Education
& Elementary Education

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