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Put the CD-Rom in the CD-drive on your computer. Usually the CD-drive will activate as it loads the CD and a screen will automatically appear.  Click the View Tutorial button if you wish to view one or more of the tutorials, and then click the Install Software button and follow the instructions that appear on the screen; we recommend that you allow the setup procedure to install the software in the default folder. 

If the installation screen does not appear automatically after a moment , click the Start button on your task bar (which is usually in the bottom left corner of the screen) and then click Run and then Browse. In the dialog that opens select the setup.exe file in the root directory of the CD-drive.  Then click ok and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

To run TMGPlan, click the Start button on the Windows task bar (usually in the bottom left corner of the screen), then select Programs, TMG, TMGPlan.

When the program starts, at the main Setup and Selection Screen, enter the letter for your industry, the number for your firm, and the level of The Marketing Game! at which you will be starting (as per the direction of your  professor).  Select the drive and directory (folder) that will be the default location for your TMGPlan files. Click the checkbox to save these values as the default, unless you are using someone else’s computer (for example, a computer in a lab).

Click the Prepare a New Marketing Plan button. Enter values for all of the fields on the screen.  If you have a question, check the status bar hints at the bottom of the screen, or click the edit box of interest and press the F1 key.  When the form is complete and correct, cick the Save button. Enter a password of your choice, but be certain to remember exactly how it was entered. Then click the Proforma button.  Enter the values from the previous plan. 

Note: for the first decision, the feature levels for the previous marketing manager’s plan, as shown in Exhibit 4A on page 45 of the text, are 8 (special commands), 3 (ease of learning) and 3 (error protection.

Complete the other values and click the compute pro forma button. Review the results, and in particular be certain that with your plan decisions you have not exceeded your budget.  Revise your plan to consider other proformas if you wish. Be certain to save the final version of your plan, and record the password for future reference. The file will be named PLANif.TMG, where i is the letter for your industry and f is your firm number.  This is the file you submit to your instructor.

To view a report file provided by your instructor, first copy it to your default folder (as per your setup on the main screen of TMGPlan).  The click the View a report button.  When the select file dialog opens, select the type of file you want to view (default is encryted report) and the file name. If you select a password protected (encrypted) report, you will need to know the password to open it.  The password must be entered exactly as it was entered when the plan file on which the report is based was saved.  If you want a printed copy of the report, click the print button.

Good luck with your new marketing management responsibilities!