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It’s important to understand that there is not some secret, “correct answer” or “best strategy” for The Marketing Game! To the contrary, there are may different ways that a firm can be successful.  However, it is very important that all of your decisions be well integrated so that all of the elements of your plan work together to achieve your objectives. It’s important to keep in mind that the simulation is intentionally designed so that there are many different opportunities for growth and profits.  As a result success by one firm doesn’t mean that other firms in the industry can’t also do well.

The simulation is competitive, and you must carefully analyze what marketing mixes competitors are offering and what customers they are targeting because that obviously impacts the strengths and weaknesses of your firm and choices that customers have in the market.  However, that doesn’t mean that your outcomes depend on whether you happen to be competing against another weak rather than strong firms.  To the contrary, you may learn more from strong competitors who make careful decisions and strong competitors may also motivate you to do a better job--both of which may help you to achieve better outcomes.

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