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MGMT 452 - Human Resource Management

Spring 2012


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Ch 1 - Managing Human Resources

  • Danger: Toxic Company  Due Tue. Jan. 17

    Jenni Larson

    • I think you'll like this one.  Download the article review form from above and complete the form regarding this article before class on Tuesday.

Ch 3 - Equal Employment Opportunity

Reis Costello

  • This article should create some lively conversation.  I hope you enjoy it.

CH 10 - Separating and Retaining Employees

Brenna Burns, Tim McFarland

  • This article should generate some conversation.

  • NOTE:  Facilitators - find out what rights, if any, that smokers have in the state of Montana and share that with the class.

Ch. 4 - Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs 

  • O*Net Assignment  Due Tue. Feb. 21

    • Download the instructions for the assignment.  Then access O*NET by selecting the image below and answer the questions on the assignment worksheet.



Ch 5 - Planning for and Recruiting Employees

Megan Garza, Scott Price

  • I think you'll like this one.  Several Montana businesses are mentioned.

Austin Rue

  • If you like baseball (or even if you don't) this is an interesting look at the "recruiting game."

CH 8 - Managing Employees' Performance

Jeff Redding, Kristen Kastelic

  • This is a good general article about performance appraisals.

CH 11 - Establishing a Pay Structure

Cody Valkenburg

  • This article is a Wall Street Journal interview with the CEO of a Houston pipeline company who doesn't believe in astronomically high CEO pay.

  • ADDITIONAL ITEMS:  Below are some links to information about CEO pay. Forbes Magazine's website has information on CEO pay from 2010 . I have included some links below that you should view. There is an article about CEO compensation in 2010, a list of the highest paid CEOs, a short slide show of the most overpaid bosses in relation to their performance, a slide show of the best CEOs based on pay versus their performance, and a historical chart of CEO pay for the last two decades. Be read to share what you find in class.

CH 12 - Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay

Sharon Deputee, Mike Hart

  • This is a good article about the downside of pay-for-performance programs.

CH 13 - Employee Benefits

  • The Benefits Trap  Due Tue. Apr. 10

    Jessie Ridgway

    • This article discusses some long-term concerns over the state of pension funds.

  • Sick Around the World  Due Thu. Apr. 12

    Kelsey Clark, Joe Weidinger

    • Watch the PBS Frontline series story on healthcare systems from around the world.  You can access the video by selecting the link above.  Once on the website, select the "Watch Full Program Online" link at the top right of the page.  A new window will open, and you will simply select the first story about Great Britain's healthcare system.  Make sure the video player's "continuous play" function is "on" and the entire program should play.  The video will last about one hour.  You can also explore more information on healthcare systems in other countries via links on the website.

CH 14 - Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations