MGMT 353  Organizational Behavior

Skill Application Instructions



NOTE:  These instructions supersede the instructions found in the skill application section at the end of each chapter (i.e., Part 1-Planning; Part 2-Evaluation)


Content Instructions:

  1. Create the title page based on the format instructions found below.

  2. Describe the activity or activities in which you will engage to fulfill the requirements of the particular skill application you chose.  Be as specific as possible (e.g., who, what, where, when, how, why, etc.)

  3. Describe what you expect to gain from the particular skill application before you start it.

  4. Describe how you will know if you have been successful.  How will you measure effective performance of the skills utilized in the skill application?


Turn in this first portion of the report before continuing on to steps 5 - 8.  Be sure to include the title page.  I will need to approve your proposal before you continue.  Once I approve your proposal, you will have the allowed time to complete the assignment as shown on the Approved Skill Applications table.  Be sure to include this portion of the report again in the final report.


  1. Describe what you did in detail (e.g., the situation involved, who was involved, the specific skills you used, how those skills were used).  Describe the results of your activity.

  2. Describe how successful you were (discuss success in the same terms identified in #4 above).

  3. Explain how you could improve.  What modifications would you make if you could do this all over?

  4. Mention what you learned/gained from this skill application (discuss in terms of #3 above)?  Did anything surprise you?  What did you learn that will help you in the long term?


Format Instructions:

  1. Failure to follow each of the format instructions will result in a reduction in the assignment grade, even if all other aspects of the assignment are correct..

  2. Include a title page which contains: (1) the course number, (2) the chapter,(3) the skill application number from that chapter, (4) your name, and (5) the date.

  3. Use 1 inch margins.

  4. Use Times Roman 12 pt. font (these instructions are written in Times Roman 12 pt. font).

  5. Double space the assignment.

  6. The minimum assignment length is 3 pages in length