MGMT 452

Potential Essays

Exam 1



You will see 3 of the essays below on Exam 1.  The essay questions below that are not used will be a part of the test as multiple choice questions.  Therefore, you won't "waste" your time preparing for each question.


Ch 1  Managing Human Resources

  1. How would you respond to the question, "HR activities and functions are limited to the specialists who work in the HR department of a company?"  Give examples your answer.

Ch 3  Equal Employment Opportunity

  1. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 was created due to Supreme Court rulings in several cases (Wards Cove Packing Co. vs. Antonio, Patterson vs. McLean Credit Union, Price Waterhouse vs. Hopkins, Martin vs. Wilkes, and the Aramco case).  For each of these cases, describe the main issues involved, the basis for the lawsuit (e.g., race, religion, etc.), and the ruling.

  2. In what ways can an individual establish a prima facie case of discrimination?  What defenses are available to a company to combat an accusation of discrimination?

  3. Know how to calculate the 4/5ths Rule?

  4. What is sexual harassment?  Name and describe the two types of sexual harassment?  How can an employer minimize its liability for the harassing actions of its employees?

Ch 10  Separating and Retaining Employees

  1. Explain the doctrine of employment-at-will.  Name and explain the three exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine (excluding statutory regulations or employment contracts)