MSUB Library Collection and Exhibit

The MSUB Library’s 9/11 collection ranges from technical reports and government documents to references for the arts and sciences including juvenile literature. Hundreds of hardcopy, video and electronic resources are now available for students and faculty interested in 9/11-related research. Two commemorative prints of aerial views of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11 are on permanent display at the Health Science Building at City College. The prints are signed by the artist and by the first-responder pilots who flew fighter jets to the two sites on that day.

9/11 Memorial Scholarships

Two 9/11 Memorial Scholarships—one to a Paramedic Major and one to a Criminal Justice Major—will be presented at the memorial event. Students will each receive a $500 scholarship for the upcoming Fall Semester. The hope is to create an endowed scholarship through the MSUB Foundation so that the scholarship can be awarded on an annual basis and rotate between Paramedic and Fire Science programs each year.

9/11 Research and Creative Works Awards

Students are welcome to submit entries to this open-category contest. Submissions may be course-related or personal projects including artwork, research reports, literature reviews, lesson plans, annotated bibliographies, reflective essays, poetry, photography and other creative projects in various media. Ten awardees are chosen every year, and each receives a cash prize and a certificate of recognition. Past awardees include:

Panel Discussions

Academic departments and programs will host course-related discussions with experts about the meaning and impact of 9/11. Guest speakers will include fire department and law enforcement leadership, airport management, healthcare specialists, authors, scholars and community leaders. The series of discussions and video screenings will be held on the week leading up to the event and continue throughout the school year. Instructors have the option to open events to the public.

- Events: September 8-11, 2011
- September 13, 2011

Oral History Project

The Montana 9/11 Oral History Project is a Service Learning activity for students and community members. The objective is to collect, record and archive 9/11 memories from the Billings community with the intention of sharing their unique perspectives with future generations.  Ultimately, the project will create a greater understanding of what the 9/11 attacks mean to Montanans and how the events of September 11, 2001, shaped our community over the course of the last decade. The project allows students to reach out to the community while gaining a meaningful understanding of the World Trade Center attacks, Billings’ history and the people who call the city their home.

Community Outreach

Volunteer opportunities are available for students to engage in 9/11-related Service Learning projects such as the Oral History Project or visiting high schools to deliver presentations on 9/11.

9/11 Reflection and Service Project (June 23, 2011) – Discussion on 9/11, artifact display and oral history activity with middle school students at the Gear Up camp at Dawson Community College along with their counselors and elementary-age youth from the Glendive Boys and Girls Club.

Speaking the Unspeakable: Teaching about 9/11 (June 6, 2011) – K-12 educators attending the Summer Institute: Raising the Bar for Tomorrow’s Leaders discuss using children’s literature and telling the 9/11 story as way of achieving essential learning outcomes such as civic awareness and engagement, intercultural competence, and ethics. Workshop participants examine strategies for incorporating National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies in reading and storytelling activities.

- References for teaching about 9/11

- Children’s books

Other online resources

Teaching 9/11: Why? How?

Interactive Timeline

Education Materials (National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial)